Babylon Jam — Foreign Language Learning Hackathon

This weekend VR First at Bahcesehir University will be hosting the Babylon Jam supported by the Goethe Institute based in Germany. This is an event in which participants will create games and experiences, including VR/AR, aimed at helping people learn a language.

This 36-hour hackathon will feature teams of multiple disciplines, including animators, modelers, script writers, and language professionals. The winning team will be sent to Berlin while the three runners-up will be given an HTC Vive each.

Personally, I believed there’s a great deal of untapped potential for language instruction in VR. In the future, VR (or SocialVR) will not merely be a venue for meeting with language professionals, but it will be a learning method in which the environment speaks to us, naming itself in a new tongue, while the immersive scenarios in VR imprint linguistic knowledge to us, so we might internalize the digitally attended lessons.

Check in on the results next week by following the event on twitter @bugGameLab or @VRFirstBAU.