VR First Supporting VR/AR for Impact at World Economic Forum in Davos 2018

VR First attended this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos to engage with business and world leaders in order to push the democratization of VR/AR worldwide. We talked about how to build the future university, empowering educators, creators & corporations exploring the power of VR/AR. Furthermore, we are happy to contribute to VR/AR impact projects and are glad to announce our involvement with the World Economic Forum led “VR/AR for Impactinitiative.

VR/AR For Impact is a more than $10 Million program to drive VR and AR content and technologies that will create positive impact and change in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. In collaboration with a core group of VR/AR leaders and the UN, WEF will drive the VR/AR for Impact initiative going forward. Our partners HTC Vive will furthermore design and create experiences as part of their collaborative, ongoing commitment to foster and champion the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality to educate and empower humanity.

VR/AR’s Bright Future

In a recent study by Goldman Sachs, AR and VR are expected to grow into a $95 billion market by 2025 and industries other than gaming and entertaining — military, real estate, healthcare and education — will grow to contribute half of total revenues.

Two weeks ago at CES 2018, roundtables and keynote speeches gave us a closer glimpse into not only VR but also AR. Advocates believe that “AR has inherited all the promises of VR.” For Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, AR is even bigger than VR. “I regard it [AR] as a big idea, like the smartphone. We don’t have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic or country or vertical market. It’s for everyone.

This is calling everyone to pioneer into VR and AR — creatives, industry leaders, researchers, policy makers and, really, everyone.


Immersive technologies can be fun and much more than fun. Pioneers in healthcare, education and automotive have accelerated their entry into VR and AR by collaborating with academic institutions and reaped promising benefits all over the globe.

In production-heavy industries, where VR may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, many still rely on surveys or financial models to develop new product features and conduct first real product testings after substantial time and financial investment. On the contrary, Designworks, who designs large, complex systems in aeronautics clients, uses VR prototyping instead of two physical prototypes to achieve $50,000 worth of saving and shortened the time of physical assembly.


Strategic planners have a responsibility to be forward-looking and win a leading role in the next computing frontier. A 2016 global survey showed less than 8% VR/AR innovators have fundings by government while some countries, such as China, are offering substantial support. According to China Daily, Beijing is pouring subsidies up to $ 1.45m to secure Zhongguancun’s leadership position in technology innovation. Also, policy makers should prepare themselves for regulatory frameworks for VR and AR, such as regarding terms of use and data collection.

A war on VR / AR talent is coming and education is an investment with sure returns. Under VR First’s initiative to democratize VR and AR, Warsaw University of Technology now has equipments and trainings for students, who can be more competitive on the job market and create unique value. “It’s worth investing in such education pathways today.” said Dr. Porter-Sobieraj from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science.

VR First at Davos

VR First is a crowdsourcing innovation organization that connects businesses with hard-to-find VR / AR expertise.

With a mission to enable an immersive future, VR First has launched world’s first academic bundle for research and innovation with industry leaders and now is a community of 100 000 + top developers of diverse regions and verticals. VR First can connect businesses, educators and government with talents and experts in your region and industry vertical.

Join the momentum and pioneer into VR and AR. For those who did not have the chance to meet us at World Economic Forum 2018, please contact us here.