SocialVR: A Beginner’s Guide

This thursday, February 8 at 6:30PM (GMT+3), VRFirst at BAU will be kicking off a round of events for the new year. It is my great privilege to be premiered in the first event where I’ll be offering a workshop introducing people to SocialVR.

Poster by Ege Kumlali

The presentation will inform listeners about the activities and features available to them broadly in SocialVR. It will mention several of the strange and glorious platforms that have emerged in the last few years and the design considerations that developers must make to give their community the experience they most desire.

Title Screen

Listeners should leave knowing the features common to SocialVR, the strengths of existing SocialVR platforms, and which ones are likely to be most suited to their tastes. They will understand what the medium has to offer that others cannot while admitting to the areas in which SocialVR still needs to grow.

Thursday night will be all about sharing my love for the medium and my goal is to draw everyone who listens into the metaverse with me. See you there!

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