Space Exploration Masters 2018

> EUR 800 000 worth of Prizes to win! All tech fields invited to submit their idea or business model!

Final submission stages — submit until 31st of JULY!

The Space Exploration Masters, innitiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and organised by AZO, are an annual international innovation competition that scouts and awards the best and most innovative products, services, and business ideas that specialize in Space Exploration.

The submission process is fairly easy — just answer a few questions about your business model and (potential) traction. Be creative and submit the way your XR startup technology could be applied to one of the challenges below!

Why participate in the Space Exploration Masters?

  • Profit from the prize pool worth more than €800,000 (cash, coaching, testing facilities …)
  • Benefit from invaluable expertise from renowned partners
  • Build awareness for your business idea on stage & through extensive promotion
  • Work together with the most important space stakeholders
  • Access to venture capital
  • Help shape the future of space exploration

5 distinct challenges designed to impact the way humankind interacts with and in space- this year with a special focus on XR technologies:

#1 Staying healthy and nutured in space: Health & Food Challenge

This challenge aims to inspire bright students, startups, and young professionals to bring forth innovative new ideas that solve the problems that radiation, toxic pollutants, and contaminants pose for health and nutrition in space.

The obstacles are clearly defined: find commercially viable health and nutrition solutions that are lightweight, compact and tasty. The prizes include visibility and support packages by internationally renowned entities like the European Space Agency and the World Health Organization (WHO).

2# Monitoring and exploration of our nearby space surroundings: On-Orbit Exploration Systems Challenge

With three destinations locked in - namely the moon, ICE Cubes on the ISS and ISS’s Bartolomeo - this challenge calls for the most resilient systems that are suitable to reach these destinations and are optimized in areas like energy provision, material exploitation processes and many more.

The best ideas will be taken to the destination the ideas were designed for. The requirements for these real life tests in outer space are strict: malfunction is not an option. The prizes worth about EUR 50.000 for each destination include flights into space where trainings, tests of the submitted idea and mentoring are conducted.

3# Enabling the space gold rush for rare resources: Challenge

As an integral part of the initiative this challenges seeks the most innovative approaches to the prospection, extraction, processing, manufacturing, and servicing of the many valuable resources in space that are known or unknown to mankind.

With an impressive track record of attracting more than 450 entrepreneurs, engineers, government officials, and investors in 2017 and the prize — in form of a grant and coorporation with the Luxembourg national space program — being valued at up to EUR 500.000 the challenge is sure to have an impressive turn out.

4# Compete with SpaceX to make space tourism reality: Commercial Space Access Challenge

Rethinking low Earth orbit applications of the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) Dream Chaser and looking beyond Earth observation and cargo delivery is what this challenge is all about. European-US Astrosat and Huntsville/Madison County chamber cooperation wants to bring forth commercially viable low Earth orbit ideas that focus on the future of space exploration and fostering a better understanding of our Universe.

Aimed at international start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs just as well as at universities and student teams the prizes are certainly worth the effort: the prize package that includes one year of free office space, a professional business analysis by Astrosat and much more is valued around EUR 35.000.

5# Sustainable nutrition and refuelling in space — enabling manned longterm missions: Sustainable Exploration Challenge

The three key industry players Airbus, Air Liquide, and Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany) have joined forces to offer Technology Building Blocks that will spark your creativity in creating your own Greenhouse or Oxygen/Hydrogen Refueling station on the Moon!

The task is to create viable business ideas with space and non-space venture capitalists in mind. The Top 10 teams will receive cross-industry support and trainings with more prize packages valued EUR 50.000 each to win down the road.

As you see the Space Exploration Masters appeal to enthusiasts and space pioneers from all backgrounds. Now is the time to form a team and to come up with an idea that could potentially shape humanity’s exploration of space for decades and generations to come!

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