What could the world’s largest community of XR innovators achieve?


For the last 3 years, VR First has established a large network of XR developers, working towards the democratization of VR/AR technology. Our supporting partners are Intel, HTC, LeapMotion, Springboard, Mixcast, Futuremark, and PMD.

VR First, known for its 52 VR/AR labs around the world is enabling growth in different regions around the world. It has become a platform where developers and XR community members share their experiences, knowledge and discussions in a closed space, defined by expertise and honest constructive feedback.

Growing the community, strengthening the level of expertise and increasing the quality of the discussions among community members, VR First has started to support hackathons, online competitions and awarding the best VR/AR projects around the world.

The need for an embracing XR platform emerged, that could also support the industry in different ways.

Do you need more ideas on how to use the platform?

9 different ways to use the XR First Platform
  • Recruitment opportunities for VR/AR Experts
  • Sourcing Solutions for specific Business Challenges with VR/AR Experts
  • Creation of high quality content populating emerging marketplaces or app stores
  • Increase the number of use cases for new devices and toolsets
  • Reaching to large numbers of XR/AR enthusiasts with the organization of fascinating futuristic challenges

The platform, rebranded, will also engage community members from different tech sections, all interrelated with XR: IOT, AI, Blockchain, Virtual Analytics, and else.

Testimonials and previous competitions

Previous Award Ceremony www.auggieaward.com

For previous competitions we hosted and supported, check out the Auggie Awards, Wayray True AR competitions and Space exploration masters.

In February–May 2018, WayRay challenged AR enthusiasts across the globe to come up with a concept for a brand new AR app for cars. True AR Wayray Online Challenge and Outcomes

Selected Feedback on our competitions:

Alan Smithson (CEO MetaVRse):

So amazing to get an inside look at the fantastic work our industry is doing

Mark Lee (Visiting Faculty, Carnegie Mellon University):

It’s been an honor to serve (as a jury) — and I’m really impressed by the caliber of the submissions.

Josh Bonilla (Marketing Specialist, Screen Industries Research and Training Centre)

Amazing! I’m glad to see such an effort that recognizes the important work being achieved in VR

Please contact us if you’re interested in working with VR First’s community of experts and write us a short email about the challenge you are working on!

www.xrfirst.com or email to: info@xrfirst.com