Creative Storytelling with Immersive Cinema

Kris Hsu
Kris Hsu
Feb 5, 2019 · 2 min read

Our Mission

Through experimentation, narratives, and research, we further the current immersive cinema + 360 video body of knowledge and language, defining the standards.

(Content Created by Stephanie Claudino Daffara and Meghedi Ghazarian)

Our Goals

  • Produce Immersive Content
  • Gather VR Research
  • Embody a Creative Collective

Our Rapid Prototyping Approach

We bring the design process to immersive content creation.
With this approach, we split the semester into three phases — themed around art, documentary, and narrative. Each phase has the following steps:

Step 1: Ideate

Gather inspiration, brainstorm ideas, storyboard and script

Step 2: Create

Capture 360 footage, record spatial audio, stitch, and bring it into post-production

Step 3: Analyze

Showcase the experience to as many people as possible, reflect on feedback, and consolidate findings into a Medium blog post

This iterative process lets us learn from errors made during the production process and apply our new learnings to future VR content.

Check us out on Medium and Youtube!

Spring 2019 Team Leads: Kris Hsu & Joy Ma

Extended Reality at Berkeley

Explore Extended Reality @ Berkeley’s research, projects…

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