Immersive Realities

Team Objectives: Heavily relying on visual quality and graphics, we create applications that immerse our users into a new realm only capable through Virtual Reality. Immersive Realities works with industry standard technologies in bringing the content that not only excites but inspires others.

Our Team: From a range of backgrounds and studies, our team comes together with the mutual passion for creating worlds that cannot be experienced in real life.

Our Project: We are developing content for the Microsoft HP Mixed Reality Headsets, and receiving hardware and software support from the team at the Microsoft Reactor Space in SF. Focused on creating a project with a positive impact by developing a meaningful game module, we are a project team that takes a new idea to completion each semester.

A space exploration module created in the semester of Fall 2018, showcased in the Winter Spotlight for VR@B
A 360˚ video of an original animated short created in Spring 2018