ISAACS is an open-source project to envision new ways for human users to intuitively interface and collaborate with aerial drones around virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

By now, I’m sure most people have heard of drone racing, food delivery drones, or have maybe just seen people casually fly drones in a park. More than ever, people are thinking of use cases for drones that have never been thought of before, and it is being readily proven that drones are great for accomplishing complicated tasks that are otherwise difficult for us to manage.

Drone pilots make it look easy, but the reality is that flying drones is an extremely difficult task of its own. The slightest mistake can cost you your drone, and considering that drones can go over $5000, that’s probably something we want to avoid.

That’s why we’re developing ISAACS, an immersive VR interface for drones. With our interface, the user is no longer responsible for flying drones; give it a destination, and the drone will fly on its own. By granting the user a 3D view of the environment, ISAACS makes it easy to determine exact destination points as well as draw out the precise path that the drone should fly on. All the user has to do is pick destination points (called waypoints) and drones will fly there at a click of a button.

This new platform opens up a huge number of applications impossible to achieve with traditional methods. For instance, not having to manually fly drones naturally means that there is now support for the simultaneous control of multiple drones by one user. We truly hope that ISAACS will play a part in improving industrial tasks that are of great importance to society.