VR League Echo Arena Tournament at Oculus Connect 4 | Credit: vr.eslgaming.com

Ursa Major — Representing Cal in the Collegiate VR Esports League

Spring 2019 marks the first official season of the Collegiate VR Esports League, and we are excited to welcome St. Clair College from Ontario into the fray!

CVRE was formed in the summer of 2018 at Baylor University to create an environment for student VR and esports enthusiasts to gather and enjoy fun, competitive play, as well as to build a community of teams representing universities across North America. As the only collegiate-level VR esports league currently in place, CVRE aims to bridge the skill gap between those experiencing VR for the first time (a common scenario due to the many barriers surrounding virtual reality access) and the VR League’s professional-level esports scene. We provide hardware, scrimmage space, and streaming tools to bring students of all skill levels into the world of VR esports.

Ursa Major, sponsored and organized through VR@Berkeley, represents Cal’s virtual reality athletes within the CVRE League. After taking home the “top overall” trophy for last semester’s practice season vs. Baylor, FIU, Miami University, and Clemson, our team is looking forward to recruiting new players and honing our skills. New changes to the league structure include a pre-determined tournament schedule, custom Beat Saber tracks, and cameos from professional casters!

For this Spring 2019 season, Ursa Major is looking to recruit players for Beat Saber and Echo Arena as well as those interested in graphic design, streaming/casting, and league management.

Check out our Discord here or learn more at: https://www.cvreleague.com/

Screen capture from “Echo Arena” | Credit: vrfitnessinsider.com