VR Leadership Reaction Course (VR LRC)

One of the rites of passage that sophomore cadets in Air Force ROTC must complete is a 3 week summer training boot camp at Maxwell Air Force Base called Field Training. During Field Training, cadets are assigned to a flight of about 20 cadets. Everyday, the flight stays together from 0400– 2000 to tackle various physical, critical thinking, and mental challenges. One of the challenges they must complete together is called the Project-X Leadership Reaction Course (LRC).

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The Leadership Reaction Course is actually a general category of obstacle courses meant to evaluate the leadership potential of participants, be they military trainees or not. The concept of the evaluation originated from German psychologists aiming to develop ways to select officer candidates. Today it is employed around the world to train military, business, and civilian leaders alike.

MBA students doing LRC

We are aiming to produce a VR LRC. It would be a proof of concept for a cost-effective and engaging leadership training product. Participants would be able to participate remotely over the internet and be forced to work and communicate together to solve challenges with unique constraints.