Social media in Augmented Reality: A new platform for artists

An AR social media platform can showcase artwork, tell a story, and many other applications yet to be discovered.

Michael Eichenseer
Jul 2, 2017 · 2 min read
Image Source: FastCompany — Rethinking Public Spaces with Agumented Reality Art

The first augmented reality social media platform.

The instagram of Augmented reality will allow artists everywhere to place their real art, be it writing, drawing, sculpture, 3D modelling, videos, etc. into the real world.

A sketch artist in New York City can share their pieces at the locations they were produced. Once subscribed, followers will see the artist’s sketches in the same locations the artist intended them to be seen. A series of Central Park pieces could be enjoyed during a real world walk through Central Park.

New and old styles of art will pervade the real world with AR social media.

An AR social media platform will not always be location specific.

Some artists will create location specific pieces, while others will create entire overlays for users to enjoy. Consider subscribing to our dragon artist’s AR feed: dragons could be placed at specific locations around a city, or they could randomly appear on top of certain objects and fly overhead from time to time.

Augmented reality artists are just getting started. Apple’s AR Kit has opened the doors for more users to dabble in the digital world. Over the next 5–10 years as augmented reality pervades our everyday lives, “ARtists” will be creating and sharing AR experiences everywhere.

Next time you sit at a park bench, imagine pulling up your AR social media app and discovering the artists who were inspired by the very spot you sit, and what that inspiration lead to.

This post is for Day 29 of my 90 day VR experiment. Join me here for a daily dose of virtual reality design, gameplay, speculation, and most importantly: adventure.


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