What is our technological uniqueness?

Snezhana Kazachenko
Jun 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear community!

Thanks for all your support — it’s great to have you with us.

We have developed a hybrid tracking system, focused on multiple players and with the following components:

  • A technological platform that works with Optitrack cameras, Vive cameras and other motion capture systems.

For example, the tracking system Anvio/VRTech only works with Optitrack cameras. in In a room equipped with Optitrack cameras, we can combine several users in one VR session/space using Vive tracking technology, while physically, users can be in different parts of the world.

  • An advanced system of working with the environment. We created not only a tracking system for multiple players online, but also developed a function or interacting with various objects in virtual reality. At the moment, the platform includes 15 unique mechanics for working with various objects and environments, each of which has a number of its settings such as:
  • A functional for working with various switches and input devices, including levers, valves and a full electronic keyboard;
  • A functional for fast integration and creation of templates for any short-range or long-range combat/instrument game weapon;
  • Various doors, cabinets and other items that you can open with your hands. (This functionality allows you to make realistic VR showrooms for real estate, in which the user can not only look back, but also open the refrigerator and take out any object).

This system allows users to interact with the environment, and each user’s actions and the associated consequences are equally displayed for all users connected to the VR session.

There are many different options for applying VR technologies in the field of education — from simple school tours in ancient Egypt to geography lessons to training specialists to work on a high-speed train or on a space station.

Qualitatively created virtual reality allows you to perfectly feel your body and control your movements. This property is used in the process of sports training for honing skills and competitive techniques.
The other side of using VR is the recording of workouts on video with further step-by-step instruction and error processing.
With the help of virtualization, you can additionally attract sports fans by placing them in the atmosphere of a roaring football stadium, involve in the very center of the Olympic events or try on the role of the Formula 1 driver.
Treatment of phobias, giving new faces to old attractions, creating three-dimensional scenes for the reconstruction of criminal activities, helping paralyzed people — virtual technologies are almost limitless and can surprise us again and again.

Virtual reality is used in the automotive industry for carrying out crash tests, assembling units and assemblies, calculating cabin ergonomics. With its help power units of nuclear power plants and production stages are being modeled, schedules and work plans are being changed in accordance with the supply of raw materials and components. Calibration of assembly processes, the study of the interchangeability of parts and even conducting production meetings can be carried out using virtual reality technologies.

Thanks for attention!

VRT World

First decentralized platform for creating and distribution of VR content with full immersion based on blockchain technology

Snezhana Kazachenko

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VRT World

VRT World

First decentralized platform for creating and distribution of VR content with full immersion based on blockchain technology

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