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AI in Biodiversity: How AI Can Help in Animal Conservation?

As per the latest reports, in the last 50 years, the population of wild animals living on the Earth fell by two-thirds.

AI in Wildlife Animal Conservation
Image Credit: BBC News

Hence, saving the biodiversity of the earth is important to maintain the balance between the entire eco-system.

Image Credit: BBC News

How AI can Help in Saving Biodiversity?

AI in Animal Detection & Counting

Detecting Poachers to Save Animals

Detection of Waste Materials in the Ocean

AI Detecting Waste Materials in the Ocean

Image Annotation for AI in Animal Conservation

Annotation for Animal Counting

Annotation for Animal Detection

AI in Animal Detection

Annotation for Animal Recognition

AI in Animal Recognition

Annotation for Species Identification

AI in Species Identification

Semantic Segmentation Annotation

Annotation for Poachers Detection

AI in Poachers Detection




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