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AI in Media and Entertainment Industry: Application & Use Cases

Reference Image: AI in Media & Entertainment

While on the other hand, the entertainment industry needs such innovative technology to make the audience experience more enjoyable and user-friendly.

AI Applications in Media and Entertainment

Personalizing the Content & Recommendations

AI using advanced machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks helping in delivering personalized content to users.

Online Advertising with Targeted Audience

The best example is Google Adsense and Adwords that can use the user’s history like what kind of products they were searching for or browsing on web or eCommerce sites.

Controlling the Online Broadcasting Content

Classification & Categorization of Content

The AI-enabled system can detect the objects, data, visual scenes and other details about the movies like genre, cast and crew members to show them similar content.

Meta Tagging Subtitles & Automated Transcription

Customized Chatbots for Virtual Assistance

These AI-based virtual assistance applications are also helping the media companies gather useful chatbot training data like users preference, their experience while using your service or any kind of other suggestions regarding your online platform.

Detecting & Controlling the Fake Content

Social Media Platform for Sentiment Analysis

And once such data is gathered, is again used for machine learning to develop the AI model that can analyse the sentiments and feelings of people interacting with each other unofficially at such platforms.

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