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Applications of Computer Vision in AI for Various Key Industries

Reference Image: Computer Vision in AI

In AI, computer vision is playing a big role to train visual perception-based machine learning or deep learning models to work in a real-life environment.

Role of Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence

Making the AI possible with useful information the machine learning algorithms, perceive the information precisely and learn from that taking the right decision to perform the next action.

Computer Vision is Playing the Following Role in Various Fields:

Role of Computer Vision in AI for Various Industries

Computer Vision in Automotive

Computer Vision in Healthcare & Medical

Computer vision in medical imaging is used to analyze the X-rays, CT-Scan, MRIs, Ultrasound and other medical images in DICOM and NIFTI formats.

It is detecting bone fractures, tumors, cancers, neuro disorders, infections, and other maladies in the human body accurately with help of machine learning.

Computer Vision in Agriculture & Farming

Computer Vision in Retail

Similarly, visual search technology is used through computer vision to detect various items and search for similar products on the internet for online shopping.

Applications of Computer Vision in Various AI Models

Computer Vision in Robotics

And computer vision in robotics is playing a crucial role in making them more intelligent with the help of the right inputs.

Computer Vision in Self-driving Cars

Computer vision in AI for autonomous vehicles enables them to make everything perceivable that is usually visible in their natural environment.

Computer Vision in Drones

In the agriculture sector, drones are closely monitoring the health conditions of crops and soil. While in cities it is also used to keep an eye on people or other unusual activities at restricted locations.

Computer Vision in Security Cameras

Keeping an eye on people, monitoring the traffic lights crossings, or watching the unusual activities in societies or at restricted areas, computer vision is everywhere in such cameras.

How to Get Computer Vision Training Datasets?

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