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How Does Google AI Detect Breast Cancer Better Than Radiologists?

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Though, AI is already diagnosing the breast cancer but owing to accuracy, the reliability among the doctors was less. But now Google has developed an AI system that can detect the early sings of breast cancer better than radiologists.

Research of Google Breast Cancer AI

In the UK, where two radiologists typically double-check the results, the model cut down false negatives by 2.7% and reduced false positives by 1.2% make AI more reliable.

How Does AI Detect Breast Cancer?

Video: How AI Model Improves Breast Cancer Detection on Mammograms

You can check below an image showing the visualization of tumor growth and metastatic spread in breast cancer with screening to detect breast cancer early, before symptoms develop.

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And these training data sets are created by annotating the medical images of breast infected with cancer available in various formats like X-rays, CT Scan and MRI.

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