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Sentiment Analysis: How it Works & Everything You Need to Know

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What is Sentiment Analysis?

The Usefulness of Sentiment Analysis

Social Media is one the best and biggest platforms where the theory of sentiment analysis is and must be applied, to interpret the feelings of various people.

What is Sentiment Analysis in NLP?

The main motive of sentiment analysis is to find out expressions of people that are eventually classified as positive, negative, or neutral.

How Does Sentiment Analysis Work?

Then, the AI model assigns a sentiment score to that particular post. The post can range from 1 representing negative and +4 representing 4 positive comments. If sentiment is neutral, the score is usually given 0.


Fine-grained Sentiment

Aspect-based Analysis

Intent-based Sentiment Analysis

Emotion Detection Sentiment Analysis

Understanding the sentiments of people using emotion detection is even more difficult as people use a collection of words having a different sense of meaning.

How Can Sentiment Analysis be Used?

Why Sentiment Analysis is Difficult?

Sarcastic words or texts show the unique behaviour of people. It is usually used to convey a negative sentiment using the positive intention of words. This kind of caustic remark can easily mislead the sentiment analysis decisions.

Sentiment Analysis using Psychographic Segmentation

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