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The Future of AI in Dentistry & How AI Works in Dental Radiology

Reference Image: AI in Dental Radiology

AI in Dentistry with Dental Imaging

AI in dentistry started gaining its foothold with the introduction of data computing as well as cloud computing ability and the availability of a huge amount of data collected from various resources.

Artificial Intelligence in Dental Radiology

AI-enabled software delivers pre-analyzed images within a short time. And to perform this action, such software needs a whole range of algorithms.

The Future of AI in Dentistry

Robots, drones, and new drug discoveries are the new age of AI-enabled systems working into various sub-fields of the medical sector giving promising results.

Scheduling of Appointments with Patients

Interactive Communication with Patients

Detecting Tooth Decay with Speed & Accuracy


Though, AI cannot fully replace dentists and radiologists but will play a vital role in faster processing of medical images while ensuring accuracy. Although AI can assist in numerous ways, the final call has to be made by a dentist as dentistry is a multidisciplinary approach.

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