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What AI Techniques Are Used In Chatbots: Explained with Examples

AI based Chatbot

Chatbots are automated running application that can interact and communicate with humans in a common language through texts or voice-based audio conversation.

Basically, chatbots work on AI-based technology, that can mimic like humans and help them in solving their queries pertaining to a particular problem on the platform.

Its seems interesting, the machine-driven application is solving human queries, but how these chatbots are developed and what kind of AI techniques are used in Chatbots development.

You will get the answer of this question with examples and few most active and successful chatbot or similar applications used at large scale globally.

How AI Techniques Used in Chatbots?

To create such chatbots, a machine learning algorithm is used to learn the human language that is mainly used during such conversations.

And Natural language processing (NLP) or natural language understanding (NLU) is used to put artificial intelligence in chatbots that allows computers to understand humans how they talk in normal language.

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Actually, AI techniques used in chatbots through NLP which is the process of integrating the human spoken natural language used while communicating on a particular topic.

When a chatbot is developed for a particular industry, sector or company, the keywords and statements containing the relevant words are taken into account to process through NLP.

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For example, for the ecommerce industry, chatbot training data should contain the normal queries that come while placing the online order, making payments or about the delivery of products and exchange or return related queries.

Once such data gathered, it is annotated with NLP annotations services to make the important words understandable to machines and learn from such communication and respond accordingly.

AI Technology in Chatbots

A virtual assistance is also one of the best examples, works like chatbots that answer the common queries of humans through voice commands.

Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are the well-known virtual assistance devices and services offered by the tech giants using the same technology that is used in chatbot development.

Basically Chatbot is not an artificial intelligence-enabled applications, instead, it more based on machine learning where developers use the huge amount of chatbot machine learning training data and integrate the same with a right algorithm for the best response.

Machine Learning in Chatbot

Use of AI in chatbots is more or less depending on the developers’ feasibility and requirements for the particular field. But chatbots can be developed with machine learning that only requires a huge amount of training data sets to train the model.

The data contains the set of similar questions with the most relevant answers given while solving the customer’s problems.

Chatbot learns what are the best answers given to pertaining questions or what actions should be taken if any irrelevant question comes during the conversation with humans.

However, dialog selection is a prediction problem, and the use of a heuristic program to identify the most suitable response template may include simple algorithms such as keywords matching or more complex processing with automatic learning or deep learning.

But with the help of more qualitative and quantitative chatbot training data and NLP integration, a chatbot can be developed for any industry or company as per the business operations.

These ChatBots are capable to provide a highly integrated online platform for varied customers to solve their queries instantly. And in future no doubt it will become a more powerful tool for businesses to provide personalized assistance to their customers improving the overall business-customer relationships with better business performance.

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