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What Is ADAS Technology And How It Works In Car For Safe Driving?

Driver in an ADAS-enabled Car

Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars are not successfully used anywhere, except in few countries as a taxi which is also not in full-fledged use. But similar technology like ADAS is better options for drivers to drive carefully with an automated system that will help to detect the various unfavorable scenario and inform the driver timely.

This technology is kind of additional feature trained on the basis of AI and machine learning principles to make the driving experience safe and trouble-free. Hence, in this article we will discuss about ADAS and how it works for safe car driving.

What is an Advanced Driver Assistance System?

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a kind of advanced technology implemented into vehicles to understand the surroundings and become aware of potential situations in a better way semi-autonomously for safe driving.

ADAS detects driver drowsiness

ADAS allows equipping the cars and other vehicles with autonomous driving engineering like Lidar-based sensors, high-resolution backup-camera and automatic emergency braking systems or the forward-collision warning systems.

ADAS Technologies for Cars:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Parking Assistance System
  • Blind-Spot Detection
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane-Departure Warnings
  • Lane-Keeping Assistance
  • Tyre-Pressure Monitoring
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Head-Up Display
  • Surround View System

How ADAS is Different from Self-Driving Cars?

In autonomous vehicles the control is fully granted to machine from self-driving to handling or steering and braking. The driver does not control anything, it can drive itself in the right direction following the right path and traffic rules without colliding any object.

Whereas, in ADAS, systems are installed to assist the drivers when they unable to recognize the situation. In ADAS, systems work semi-autonomously to take quick action when a driver does not pay attention to make the driving safe and trouble-free.

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How does ADAS work in Automotive?

ADAS uses camera-based sensors that allow the car to and helps the driver to be better aware of the driving environment. Cameras are installed outside the vehicle, mainly at the top, front, back, sides to capture the images of various objects and traffic sign-language like street, road signs, vehicles, pedestrians and other objects.

How Do ADAS Systems Work: Video

In the automobile, images are captured by the cameras and analyzed by the specially designed software and the information then used to improve safe driving. And in case of any emergent action, it will initiate emergency braking, alerting the driver if they drift out of the lane and helping them to park the car accurately.

How ADAS helps in safe and accident-free driving?

Lack of attention for a while or sudden object appearance are the leading causes of accidents in cars taking many lives across the world. And ADAS has been designed to reduce the workload and attention level of the driver while driving the car.

How ADAS Helps in Safe Driving?

  • Night Vision View
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Surround View Park Assist
  • Blindspot Detection/Monitoring
  • Lane Departure Warning System

ADAS comes into the play, it can control the over speeding, change the trajectory or relative-vehicle position or by communicating with other drivers on the road with indicator lights helping the driver to get the situation under control.


ADAS annotation services help vision systems surround the car, perceiving to a vehicle within a protective bubble against driver error, road obstacles, other vehicles and pedestrians. And using these visual processing capabilities.

ADAS provides recognition and tracking information to onboard safety systems to detect driver drowsiness, lane departure warning, collision avoidance and protective features to avoid accidents and enhance the driving experience.

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