A short poem about the World Poetry Day

Nikolaos Skordilis
Published in
Mar 21
Three small boats, two with rowers and one with an engine, at a calm  lake in Japan. Trees full of cherry blossoms are blooming all over them.
Image by Takashi Murakami from Pixabay

Your wild sakura blossom heart
deployed its pink and white pedals
I felt warmed and cooled by a gentle fire

Queen Persephone was dressed up
she rejoined Goddess Dimitra
after quite a long time down below

Buds and germs opened up
cried over by Divine Water
Spring arrived in Greece

Helios bloomed happily
hearts and skins warmed up
Winter, at last, is left behind

A poem by Nikolaos Skordilis
It was originally written in Greek and published
on my
Facebook profile.

Here is the Greek original:


Η αγριοκερασένια σου καρδιά
άπλωσε τα ροδοπέταλά της
δροσίστηκα μ’απαλή φωτιά
η Περσεφόνη έβαλε τα καλά της

Ξανάσμειξε με την Θεά Δήμητρα
μετά από αρκετό καιρό
μπουμπούκια άνοιξαν και φύτρα
κλαμμένα από θεϊκό νερό



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