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Announcement of new CEO: Goh Yuen Khai

April 4, 2022 — The Board and staff of V Systems are pleased to announce the appointment of GOH Yuen Khai (YK) as our new Chief Executive Officer.

YK joins V Systems from Citi after holding various senior country and regional roles across Cash & Trade Management, Treasury, and Operations in Asia over the last 22 years. YK brings a unique set of skills, perspectives, and relationships to lead V Systems into the future. Building on what we have already accomplished, under his leadership we hope to hone our strategic direction, grow and develop our organization, strengthen our partnerships, and build new relationships. YK has already been actively involved in one flagship project of V Systems with an established industry giant in Hong Kong, and hopefully he would lead the project for a grand opening in the coming month.

YK’s last position was Country Cash Product Head at Citibank NA, Hong Kong focused on delivering product development strategies and driving business growth through digitisation & innovation. Prior to that, as the regional Director of Cash and Trade Management for Commercial Banking in Citi, YK was active in the Digital segment and played a pivotal role in the expansion of business as well as growing together with the clients in this segment. YK also held various senior leadership positions in a few ASEAN countries earlier at Citi too. Over the last few years, as a strong believer in the digital revolution, YK has worked with different government and private entities in transformation related forums, co-creation events, and successfully rolled out digitisation projects in many Asian countries.

YK holds a Master of Finance from RMIT University, Bachelor of Business Degree from La Trobe University, and Blockchain Technologies (Business Innovation and Application) from MIT Sloan School of Management.

YK succeeds Alex Yang, V Systems’s founding CEO, who will continue to serve as Chairman to facilitate a smooth transition for YK and to provide support on specific projects as required. Alex will focus on building a solid and sustainable ecosystem for V System.

Alex Yang says,” I am so delighted to welcome YK onboard V Systems. I believe that his professional skills and connections will enable V Systems to walk fast in cooperation with the global financial industry. Meanwhile, I will focus on building the Defi ecosystem for V Systems.”

We are looking forward to beginning this new phase of V Systems’s work under YK’s leadership.

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V Systems is a general purpose blockchain database for decentralized applications. Led by Sunny King, the inventor of PoS, we aim to deliver scalable and durable decentralized database cloud technology with high finality, performance and the highest resistance to 51% attacks.

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