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3 min readOct 20, 2021


Decentralized cloud storage has emerged as a potential solution to the world’s growing data needs. Adopting a decentralized approach enables us to create a system that is significantly more durable and more resistant, and it may represent a fundamental shift away from a centralized large-scale storage model.

V Systems is a blockchain infrastructure for businesses across industries that provides secure and performant decentralized databases.V Cloud aims to deliver secure, compatible, resilient decentralized database solutions and to provide a marketplace to ensure the utmost favorable economics for both providers and end users.

V Cloud reduces barriers to entry for developers to deploy their blockchain and token projects with a set of pre-built cloud services, It also allows market forces to optimize for less expensive storage at a greater rate than any single provider could afford. By allowing users to store and share data without reliance on a third-party storage provider, V Cloud mitigates the risk of data failures and outages, while simultaneously increasing security.

We have designed the system to address a much wider range of use cases, from basic to highly customized business applications including DeFi, decentralized organizations, and other similar high-growth industries. The goal is to address several key segments within the market today, particularly those related to long-term archival storage and S3-compatible object storage.


V-Cloud simplifies and streamlines existing server services to meet the needs of the blockchain development process. Users can rent a virtual server (VPS) with their VSYS coins to match workload cost-effectively.

Token Wallet

After setting up a V-Cloud account, users can create their token wallet with a customized URL.

Token Explorer

V-Cloud provides a tailor-made web portal that gives detailed information about users’ tokens, such as blocks, addresses, and transactions.

V Cloud Marketplace

V Cloud Marketplace is an open trading platform in the cloud, where the traded items are one-time or time-limited cloud services. We aim to enable anyone with a computer to trade their unused resources in a safe and frictionless marketplace.

Key components of the V Cloud marketplace include:

  • Convenient onboarding for sellers and buyers
  • Customized service options
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Diversified service options and cross-cloud solutions
  • Cost-effective cloud services with high performances

V Cloud is committed to providing a liquid market for sellers, a wide variety of choices, and a convenient buying process for buyers. Through the V Cloud Marketplace platform, developers can easily and securely access the cloud resources they need at a cost much lower than centralized cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure).



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