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4 min readFeb 28, 2021


V Systems has launched a new video series — Talk with VSYS dev team. The first episode has introduced xLumi as a new payment channel protocol and how it can enable efficient micropayments between parties at a very low cost. The community wallet, Walk Wallet, has released version 1.1.0. The new version adds new features such as NFT, token deposit to contract, token withdrawal from contract, content signature, etc. V web wallet v0.2.8 will be released soon.

Engineering Updates

Talk with VSYS dev team series — #1 What is xLumi

Mainnet Development

There are several contract templates currently being worked on, all of which are in different stages of development.

The VSwap contract has been reviewed, and unit tests have been written for it. The contract will begin network testing next.

VSwap Contract:

The VOption contract has also been reviewed, and unit tests are being written for it, the unit tests are close to completion. The VOption contract allows users to buy and sell options for cryptocurrencies on top of the VSYS blockchain. It can also potentially be used in conjunction with VSwap to enable AMM swaps with options.

VOption Contract:

Another contract under review is a Stable Swap contract, which acts as a method to create and manage orders similar to a traditional order book on a stock exchange.

Stable Swap Contract:

Improvements are being made to the REST API for better functionality and clearer return values.

Utility Development

The community wallet, Walk Wallet, has released version 1.1.0. The new version adds new features such as NFT, token deposit to contract, token withdraw from contract, content signature, etc.. And fixes some known issues.

V web wallet v0.2.8 will be released in the near future. The new version adds more explanations of executing the contract’s function, enhances balance display, sets custom node features, and fixes some known issues.

V Cloud is developing the dynamic limit function of k8s container resources. At the same time, the development of supplier SDK refund related functions and container service web console research and development are working in progress.

The new Python SDK (v0.3.2) has been released on pypi, and the new release version provides a better interface of smart contract.

Ecosystem Updates

Hackernoon Features xLumi

Layer 2 solutions have been a hot topic in the blockchain space. It serves as a solution to scalability issues. This Hackernoon article covers different top layer 2 solutions and discussed the benefits brought by xLumi.

Emirex — Ask Me Anything with VSYS team

Emirex held an AMA event with David Jefferys, V Systems Business Development Manager, in the Emirex Telegram Chat. He talked about Defi, NFT, the release of xLumi and the VSYS ecosystem development.

Ternio Introduces V Systems

Global fintech platform Ternio released a video to introduce V Systems.

Tachyon Protocol

With xLumi, the new IPX will offer users use IPX VPN global traffic in a Pay-as-you-go model. After the launch of IPX Wallet Staking, the team is heading into the 2nd part of our payment channel -the ads system. The performance of the ads system will offer useful data to help improve the design of the payment channel before fully integration. Ads system feature and connection optimization will be included to our next version

Supernode Community Updates

Over 2 billion VSYS have been actively staking on the V Systems network. According to, 34% of VSYS tokens have been staked on the blockchain with an annual yield of 11.65%. VSYS has received an overall StakingRewards Score of 63.28%.

Total amount of VSYS engaged in staking: 1,948,712,725



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