Ultimate Guide to Staking with VSYS Wallets

Stake your VSYS with Titan and Walk Wallets to earn over 20% annual interest

V Systems
V Systems


In this article, you will learn:

  • How to stake with VSYS Titan Wallet
  • How to stake and un-stake with VSYS Walk Wallet
  • How to select the Supernode to stake to
  • How to calculate your estimated annual rewards
  • What are VSYS Supernodes
  • How to buy VSYS

Staking is the process of leasing the native token of a given blockchain to contribute to the security of the network. By doing so, you can earn an annual percentage yield, which can become a source of passive income depending on the amount of coins you stake and where you stake them.

Other blockchains alike, you can contribute to the security of the V Systems’ chain by staking your VSYS coins, V Systems’ native token.

Unlike other networks, the coins you stake are not locked up, and you can cancel staking at any time.

To stake VSYS, you can use our hot wallets: Titan Wallet and Walk Wallet

VSYS Titan Wallet is one of VSYS' latest tools that, unlike Walk Wallet, also supports VSYS-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Titan Wallet can help you execute transactions using your VSYS coins, including Send, Receive, Swap, and Stake.

Available for browser, Android, and iOS, you can use Titan to lease VSYS and earn passive income:

  1. Download the Titan Wallet for browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave) or mobile (Android and iOS)
  2. Create an account or log into your existing account. Please remember to store your seed phrase and password in a safe place
  3. Start staking by clicking on “Minting”
  4. Choose the amount of VSYS you want to stake
  5. Choose the Supernode you want to stake to

Create your new account on Titan for free

Walk Wallet (hot/cold) is VSYS' very first wallet, available online, for Chrome, and iOS.

To stake VSYS using the VSYS Walk Wallet, please visit the VSYS Walk Wallet online platform:

  1. Create a new account or log into your existing account. Please do not forget to save and store your seed phrase and password in a safe place
  2. Navigate to the Minting section and click “Start Leasing”
Please note that Staking is only available on the VSYS Walk Wallet online platform

3. Under “Hot Wallet”, enter the following information: 1) Supernode address in the Recipient field, and 2) the amount of VSYS you want to lease in the Amount field. Review and click “Continue”

4. You can find the address of the Supernode you want to lease to on https://vsysrate.com/. To check the annual reward yield, please click on Calculator (more info in the following section).

5. Review the information and click “Confirm” to start staking


How to un-stake with Walk Wallet?

Our Walk Wallet online platform allows you to un-stake the coins you’ve leased to the Supernodes.

  1. Click “Minting”
  2. Choose the pool you want to un-lease from
  3. Cancel the lease

Please note that un-staking is only available for Walk Wallet, and not for Titan.

There are different criteria to follow when selecting the Supernode to stake in. You can learn about them by following the steps below.

  1. Please visit https://vsysrate.com/
  2. On the homepage, you can view the list of active Supernodes that you can stake in. Specifically, pay attention to:
  • Fee: It refers to the approximate estimated annual yield you will earn by staking to the corresponding Supernode. Please note that if the interest you earn is less than the transaction fee (0.1 VSYS), you might not be able to receive any staking rewards from the Supernode. For more accurate rates, please check the “Calculator”
  • Cycle: The frequency of the distribution of rewards. For example, if it’s ‘daily’, you will receive your staking reward on a daily basis, accredited directly to your VSYS account. Should it not, please reach out to our support team via Telegram, Discord, or email at support@v.systems
  • Node Address: The address of the Supernode you stake to. When selecting the Supernode you want to lease to, please always double-check that the address indicated in the wallet is the same as the address listed on this page
  • Capacity: The total amount of VSYS coins that the Supernode can accept. When it reaches the max capacity, the Supernode will stop accepting and sharing interest for new stakers. Stakers should not lease to pools that have reached capacity
  • Efficiency: The block production performance can significantly impact the reward. The higher, the better

VSYS offers an online simulator to preview the estimated annual yield you can receive by staking to the VSYS Supernodes.

At the time of publication of this article, the highest yield is offered by the OKEx Pool at over 25% in estimated annual percentage yield. The average annual yield on other nodes is 15%.

You can preview the estimated returns by following these steps:

  1. Input the amount of VSYS you wish to stake
  2. On the right, you can “Select the token” you plan to stake (currently, only IPX and VSYS are available). Please note that, if you do not select any token, your yield will be automatically calculated in VSYS tokens
  3. Select the node(s) you’d like to stake to
  4. Click on “Calculate”
Simulation of an investment of 100000 VSYS to the Supernodes Huobi Pool, Staking Club, and OKEx Pool.

5. Preview the annual interest you’d earn if you stake to each one of the Supernodes you selected.

Simulation of an investment of 100000 VSYS to the Supernodes Huobi Pool, Staking Club, and OKEx Pool.

Please note that:

  • The online calculator is merely a simulator of the estimated rewards. If you wish to stake, please use Walk Wallet or Titan Wallet.
  • Annual rewards may fluctuate over time according to the number of coins staked.

Is there any risk in staking VSYS?

No. By leasing to Supernodes, you retain possession of your private keys. In case the Supernode you are staking to fails to maintain constant uptime, you will only lose a small percentage of the yield.

What are VSYS Supernodes?

V Systems is powered by a unique consensus mechanism called Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS).

SPoS is a distributed consensus algorithm with optimized efficiency and high resistance to 51% attacks. SPoS is designed to allow for high scalability and transaction throughput. Supernodes contribute to keeping the V Systems blockchain highly efficient and providing a stable network.

Unlike conventional ‘Full Nodes’, ‘Supernodes’ act as minting pools in the VSYS minting economy by generating blocks to obtain rewards and benefit VSYS coin holders.

Supernodes are also given equal standing and mining output, which solves the threat of centralization seen in other coins. Since equal minting right gives supernodes equal standing and output, an equilibrium exists as a built-in force to equalize the ecosystem and thus solves the threat of centralization as seen in Bitcoin and other PoS ecosystems.

You can buy VSYS on numerous major exchanges, including OKX, Huobi, and KuCoin. You can find the full list here.


📩 Should you have any questions, you can contact us on Telegram, Discord, or via email at support@v.systems

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