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V Systems to Launch Google Chrome Extension Wallet

26 October 2020 — Today we are pleased to unveil the upcoming release of V Systems Extension Wallet. With this release, the V Systems blockchain will be able to support a variety of DeFi products and enable access for distributed applications by providing a gateway that is intuitive, secure, and easy to use.

V Systems Extension Wallet is a crypto wallet for the V Systems blockchain. Users can manage their VSYS-based tokens, as well as send and receive funds on the V Systems chain. It is currently in alpha testing and supported in Chrome.

Why we need V Systems Extension Wallet

  • Manage your fund and keys easily— Extension Wallet provide a more convenient way to manage their fund, accounts and private keys, while isolating them from the site context.
  • Secure your fund- Extension Wallet is a non-custodian service, thus no one else can access your funds.
  • Unlock the DeFi world- Extension Wallet enables access for distributed applications in the browser.

The slick and simple user interface allows enables all users to adopt the wallet easily, empowering you to send, store and receive all V Systems-based assets.

To improve the scalability of the V Systems blockchain, our team is currently working on a contract to allow atomic swaps, cross-chain swaps, and VSYS to token swaps. We will also successively release a series of innovative DeFi products in the future. Stay tuned!

Join Us to Test Our Extension Wallet

We greatly appreciate you joining our efforts to improve the product. If you are interested in experiencing the new features and offer feedback on the V Systems extension wallet , please contact us in the V Systems Telegram official group.

Stay Connected

We continue to regularly iterate new features into V Systems to provide developers a more stable and user-friendly platform. Community participation is encouraged, as feedback provides insight into the specific needs of developers. If you would like to offer feedback on V Systems and work more closely with our team, you can contact our developer relations team at Github.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSYSCoin
YouTube: shorturl.at/mxX09
Github: https://github.com/virtualeconomy/v-systems

Other Useful Links

VSYS Official Website: https://www.v.systems
Supernode Ranklist: https://vsysrate.com/
VSYS Blockchain Explorer: https://explorer.v.systems/



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