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V SYSTEMS Year In Review: Top 10 Achievements in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s a good time to sit back and take note of what V SYSTEMS has achieved this year. With the support from our community, our team have been making progressive goals in the year of 2019 from the first listing of VSYS in January to the release of Euclid Smart Contracts and launch of Staking 2.0 later this year. Moving on, the V SYSTEMS team will continue to work on system optimization and community building, in order to develop a robust DeFi ecosystem and realize the vision of a virtual economy era.

#1 Listing of VSYS Coin— JAN 2019

VSYS coin was first listed on Bitfinex and KuCoin in January 2019. After that, V SYSTEMS has further improved its liquidity through listing on more top exchanges worldwide. VSYS is currently trading on more than 20 exchanges with seven trading pairs.

VSYS had the first IEO co-launched by ZB, ZBG and BW in March 2019 with 300,000 participating. We also formed partnerships with several top exchanges including Huobi, OceanEx and OKEX to promote VSYS staking and encourage users’ long-term engagement. This new normal of “Listing & Staking” further increases our user retention and involvement.

#2 First Release of Euclid Smart Contracts — NOV 2019

The V SYSTEMS smart contracts was first released in November 2019. Euclid 1.0 includes basic issue and transfer functions that allow users to create their own tokens and define its uses. Moving on, V SYSTEMS will continue to work on smart contract upgrades and system optimization, with a primary focus on blockchain databases. Our plan is to support more advanced smart contracts such as depository contracts, payment channels, atomic swap and exchanges.

#3 Launch of Staking 2.0 — DEC 2019

Staking 2.0 kick started in December 2019 in collaboration with Tachyon Protocol, which allows VSYS holders to get not only VSYS as rewards, but also IPX by taking part in VSYS coin minting. In the future, Staking 2.0 will expand to more projects built in the VSYS ecosystem as our platform matures and more products are launched.

#4 “The Capital” Conference by CoinMarketCap — NOV 2019

V SYSTEMS was honored to be invited to join CoinMarketCap’s first large-scale conference as a Diamond Sponsor in Singapore this year.

During the conference, Sunny King made his first-ever “public appearance” with Brandon Chez, CEO and Founder of CoinMarketCap to talk about Proof of Stake consensus, quantum computing and more.

#5 Introducing VSYS DeFi Ecosystem

V SYSTEMS announced its development plan to focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the beginning of 2019. In order to catalyze the development of DeFi applications in the ecosystem, V SYSTEMS has invested in more than 15 developer teams in the community to develop an array of DeFi projects, including digital asset tokenization, payment, insurance, banking, etc.

We announced four V SYSTEMS-based projects in 2019:

  1. Tachyon Protocol — a decentralized internet protocol co-launched by X-VPN, which is one of the world’s largest VPN service providers and the world’s top 20 mobile app by Apple and Google with 50 million global users.
  2. Home Token — a mortgage-backed stable coin project co-launched by a Fortune 500 real estate group.
  3. WalkBank — a decentralized bank platform with fiat-crypto integration co-developed by a leading internet company.
  4. BitHelp — a decentralized insurance project which aims to reconstruct insurance operation through blockchain technology and make it more efficient, reliable and transparent for customers and all the stakeholders.

#6 Launch of Tachyon Protocol — SEP 2019

In September, V SYSTEMS announced Tachyon Protocol as its first ecosystem project to build the next-generation internet protocol with blockchain technology based on a decentralized network. Tachyon will leverage X-VPN’s 50 million existing global users to become the world’s leading decentralized internet platform. The alpha version of Tachyon VPN for MacOS is launched and will support efficient and agile development of a wide range of DeFi applications on V SYSTEMS in the near future.

#7 VSYS users reached 10,000

Our users grew rapidly since the launch of mainnet and the listing of VSYS . VSYS holders can earn interests by leasing their own VSYS coins to supernodes for minting. The coin leasing process does not require any IT background and transfer of coin ownership. According to Staking Rewards, V SYSTEMS’s total staking value has reached US$150 million, ranking the top six in the world.

#8 Growth of Supernode Community
In 2019, the V SYSTEMS supernode community has been growing rapidly, currently we have 37 supernodes and candidates work closely together in different regions in the world, including South Korea, the US, Singapore, Canada, China, Australia, etc., to provide a global operating network.

Our supernode community is made up of well-known staking service providers, node operators, validators, wallets, exchanges and crypto project groups. A big thank you to your support and hard work in 2019!

#9 Announcement of New Partnerships

In 2019, V SYSTEMS has established strong relationships with a variety of blockchain companies in the industry to support the growth of the ecosystem, such as wallets, staking service providers, smart contract audit firms, disclosure platforms, cryptocurrency trackers etc., to develop a diversified ecosystem. Our partners are contributing actively to ecosystem building, allowing V SYSTEMS to scale more quickly and efficiently. V SYSTEMS will continue to actively explore partnerships and joint development opportunities to cultivate a robust DeFi ecosystem.

#10 VSYS Community Building

In 2019, V SYSTEMS attracted many blockchain communities to join us, including Hello Pool, Forbole, Peercoin, Primecoin and more to support a vibrant and diverse Proof of Stake ecosystem and bring new users to V SYSTEMS. Here in V SYSTEMS, we strive to continue growing our community from around the world, and evolving based on the needs and interests of the users. In 2019, we launched the V SYSTEMS Forum and worked with different platforms such as Hub and Floyx to enhance our social media presence and brand awareness.

2020 — The Year for Ecosystem Building

Following the first release of Euclid Smart Contracts and the launch of four V SYSTEMS-based projects, 2020 will be the year for ecosystem building. V SYSTEMS aims to be one of the most innovative and efficient public blockchain for the future virtual economy. More than 100 DeFi projects will be announced in 2020 and the team will be updating the community on the project progress and keep working to realize the mission and move toward the virtual economy era. Happy New Year and keep building in 2020!

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