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The year 2023 would be a huge step forward for the virtual economy. We believe that as Web3.0 technology continues to revolutionize the way businesses operate, all industries will eventually use it to decentralize their operations.

In 2022, the market was both fruitful and volatile, and we are witnessing significant technological progress as well as some risk. Despite the risk, the potential rewards of investing in innovations were too appealing to pass up, and businesses were generally more willing to take risks in order to capitalize on the enormous growth opportunities.

V SYSTEMS aspires to be the infrastructure for the digitization of the real economy.

The year 2023 provides us with an excellent opportunity to make significant progress toward this goal. Web3.0, NFT, and next-generation DeFi will all be keywords in our roadmap in 2023. We will concentrate our efforts in the following areas:

  • Introducing easy to use web3.0 applications to onboard users onto our platform, making integration as frictionless and seamless as possible.
  • Developing Zero-knowledge Tools for blockchain development in order to attract organic developer following.
  • Empowering businesses to take a step forward and move towards web3.0
  • Investigating and researching new use cases for our technology, such as NFTs, tokenization, and DeFi applications.
  • Providing more NFT-based products and services.
  • Focusing on blockchain interoperability and scalability to create a stronger and more sustainable ecosystem.

These are just a few of the projects we have in the works for the upcoming year. We are confident that by 2023, we will have made significant progress and will be able to provide our users with a reliable and secure infrastructure, as well as significant innovations.

Let’s take a look at how we’ll fare this year in the section below.

2023 Technology Trend in Our View

As legal pressure mounts on the whole crypto industry, the balance of power and how smart contracts are created will shift. As a result, more and more smart contracts on Ethereum will be facing the risk of being censored, resulting in a tiny but visible shift in the platform’s technological selection. As a result, we anticipate that:

  • Appchains will grow in popularity to accommodate legal pressure.
  • Rollups (of all forms) will rise in popularity. Privacy schemes like ZK-snarks will mature and grow in popularity.
  • Off-chain and layer 2 payment channels will compete against on-chain services to provide a platform for complex financial interactions.

All the trends above, leave us huge opportunities ahead. Meanwhile, we will also leverage the trend of AI’s latest development, to upgrade our solutions an duse cases.


We have accomplished several innovations in 2022, including adaptation of several languages including Javascript SDK 2.0, GoLang, Python, Javascript, Java into our core technology infrastructure. For Layer-2 services, we have upgraded several components including If-Then Minting, Event-Subscribers (Kafka).

In 2023, we will focus on:

  • Develop App-based Chains with Tendermint Protocol
  • Develop Private Chains with choice of consensus (PoA, DPoS)
  • Develop GraphQL NFT Indexing
  • Consolidating the Commands from nodes to database into a center API call and unify for development

2. VSYS chain

We updated our main chain and technology in 2022, as well as built and solidified side Chains:

Overall Concept of Sidechain

In 2023, we will work on proposed tech-stack including:

  • IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol):
  • Open-source protocol for relaying message between independent ledgers to each other
  • Connected Blockchain can communicate with each other in a trustless manner and exchange value and tokens
  • Tendermint Blockchain Protocol:
  • Launch blockchain applications across machines in a secure and consistent manner
  • With Tendermint’s Application blockchain Interface (ABCI) you can process in any programming language

We believe the above proposed solutions will be able to fit in specific use case as below:

1) Mainnet Development:

  • V SYSTEMS newest mainnet roadmap will enable users to create their own sidechain as open-source
  • Tokenization will reside in sidechain with bridges back to the main VSYS chain or atomic-swap contract to other chains
  • Main chain will be used to used for DeFi services
  • Users will create their tokens via side chain and brought back into main chain for DeFi solutions

2) BaaS Development:

  • Maintain our business model of ‘Consortium’ blockchain
  • Make use of the sidechain to enhance BaaS as an extension of service with direct know-how
  • Service the enterprise in a decentralized sense with a handle
  • Decentralize the data and ledger with their own chain

3. Baas PaaS Platforms

We worked on two important projects with CGSE in 2022, which were a terrific start for our PaaS business. The ABT DEX — the trading platform for XGZ is gaining popularity in the RWA (real-world asset) space.

We have developed multiple collaborations in order to uncover company potentials by adopting an easy-to-use web3 platform for various industries such as entertainment, carbon management, wines, commodities, loyalty points, and payment.

These agreements will assist us in expanding in similar landscapes such as metaverse and web3.0, as well as in the APAC area.

We will continue on this path in 2023, with the following significant projects:

  • W3B
  • A platform made and designed on the VSYS Chain to allow Web3.0 Airdrops
  • Next version of ABT DEX
  • Next version of DEX Platform to trade for more Tokens
  • NFTaaS

4. Implementing AI into our solution

Blockchain and AI are two separate yet strong technologies that are rapidly being utilized by organizations due to their specific advantages. AI employs the power of computers and data to replicate human problem-solving abilities. It can learn from data and apply that information to make judgments and perform actions based on the best possibilities of reaching a certain result.

We believe the marriage of blockchain and AI can deliver enormous benefits to organizations. In 2023, we plan to comining AI technology and blockchain to improve security, interoperability,and efficiency for our use cases. We will also leverage AI to automate procedures, increase the efficiency of blockchain transactions.

5. Developers Growth Plan

In 2023, we will make an effort to organize many more developer-related events in order to strengthen our developer community and recruit more worldwide talent to our ecosystem.

We will concentrate on the following plans:

  • Accelerators / Incubation Programs / Community Engagement
  • Incubator / Partnership
  • V Incubator Program/ Xccelerate Program
  • Lots of developer events we will collabs with:
  • CityU University

6. Token community Growth Plan

We have a definite goal in 2023 to grow relative outside community to join VSYS through more viral marketing on social networks:

  • Relay on NFT product and new main net functions, collaborate with additional NFT alpha groups
  • The same level of community interaction with more DeFi communities.
  • Actively discussing NFTFI themes and attempting to create innovative NFTFI products in order to collaborate more with NFTFI groups.
  • Trading fee repayment scheme based on our planned DeFi and NFTFI products, in order to recruit more active traders from crypto and NFT trading groups.



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