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Weekly Report — 1st Week of June 2020

In this weekly report (1st Week of June 2020): Fermat Contract functionality ( node version 0.3.0) has successfully been deployed to the Testnet. V Systems participated in Messari’s Main 2020 event. Forbole has officially become a supernode. Bithumb announced IPX staking service. Please read the full report below.

1. VSYS Blockchain Development

Mainnet Development

New smart contract functionality (Fermat Contract, node version 0.3.0) has successfully been deployed to the Testnet. Extensive tests are currently being run to ensure the functions are robust, users are welcome to set up a Testnet node and try the new functionalities.

The main ideas of the updates (VSYS payment channel, non fungible contract and lock contract) have been discussed before during the development period. The key motivation behind this update is to increase blockchain usability beyond traditional payment methods. To accommodate the diverse interactions between users, the next version of VSYS will allow a large number of new applications, high frequency transactions, micro-transactions, pay-by-use for service providers, proof of ownership, and many others.

A contract allowing atomic swaps is also being developed, cross-chain swaps, or VSYS to token swaps will be possible.

Utils Development

The V-Cloud service is getting ready to release, providing organisations with an extremely easy way of integrating with the VSYS Blockchain. Blockchain user who wish to quickly and easily set up a blockchain system with pre-built applications can do so using this service.

In V-Could development, the market place of new platform are under developing (Order module on the server side and some functions of the service provider client module). The new version of origin platform is running on testnet.

V Java version SDK is developing Fermat contract support. Other programming language version SDK support for new contract are being planned.

V web wallet is developing new contract support. In new version, user can deposit/withdraw token and v coin to/from contract.

More Node Monitor Tool is discussing and researching.After development completed, they will open to public use in the future.

2. Introducing VSYS 2.0: Non-Fungible Token Contract

“Along with other improvements in the ‘Fermat’ update, latest version of V Systems will deliver support for non-fungible tokens, allowing developers to implement unique tokens for a myriad of use cases.” — Peerchemist

3. Global Community Updates

V Systems Participated in Messari’s Main 2020 event

We’re delighted to be invited by Messari to take part in its Main 2020 event! Our Developer Advocate Jacob Gadikian talked about V Systems, Staking 2.0, Tachyon and more. Please watch the whole presentation below.

Forbole Officially Becomes a Supernode

Forbole has replaced Staking Korea to become one of the supernodes on the V Systems mainnet. Forbole is an award-winning blockchain staking and technology solution provider. It is also a top validator on the Cosmos blockchain. Congratulations!

Bithumb Announces IPX Staking Service

Bithumb will start offering IPX staking service on June 8. IPX is the third staking cryptocurrency Bithumb supports after IOST and Luna. Check the official announcement from Bithumb for more details.

4. Market Overview

Market Cap

VSYS is now ranked at #107 on CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of over US$48 million.

Screenshot from CoinMarketCap on 5 June 2020

Staking Rewards

This week, VSYS has gained an overall StakingRewards Score of 71.01% on stakingrewards.com. We promise to maintain a healthy staking environment for all token users. With VSYS coins, you can easily enjoy the rewards from staking with just a few clicks. Take action now!

Screenshot from stakingrewards.com on 5 June 2020

Stay Connected

Remember to follow us on the platforms below to stay up-to-date with our latest updates and announcements.

Official Forum: https://forum.v.systems/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSYSCoin
YouTube: shorturl.at/mxX09
Github: https://github.com/virtualeconomy/v-systems

Other Useful Links

VSYS Official Website: https://www.v.systems
Supernode Ranklist: https://vsysrate.com/
VSYS Blockchain Explorer: https://explorer.v.systems




V Systems is a general purpose blockchain database for decentralized applications. Led by Sunny King, the inventor of PoS, we aim to deliver scalable and durable decentralized database cloud technology with high finality, performance and the highest resistance to 51% attacks.

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