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Weekly Report 2019 December #4

In this weekly report (4th Week of December 2019): Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! Tachyon VPN alpha version has been released. Everyone is the winner of the V SYSTEMS Forum AMA. V SYSTEMS is now available on Floyx now! Please read the full report below.

1. VSYS Blockchain Development

Mainnet Development

VSYS smart contracts currently supported on the VSYS blockchain allow users to easily create their own tokens, and token transactions are validated on the underlying blockchain. The usages of the tokens can be defined by the creator of the tokens whether it be a form of financial instrument, electronic money, or token of utility. The tokens support functions such as issuing, sending and destroying, but some advanced features such as the split/reverse split functions are also available. These functions are analogous to the stock split in the financial world.

A deposit / withdrawal feature is currently being developed for VSYS smart contracts, this feature will allow smart contract users to store assets (both VSYS and tokens) within smart contracts.

New Opcode for the smart contracts is being developed, these new features are based on the new deposit / withdrawal feature and will enable a large number of new usages for smart contracts.

Utils Development

The V-Cloud Token service is currently in development, providing organisations with an extremely easy way of integrating with the VSYS Blockchain. Token issuers who wish to quickly and easily set up a token with pre-built applications can do so using this service.

The V-Cloud Token wallet is under development.

Trezor wallet has completed development, it is currently under code review.

Python SDKs has been published to PyPi. Chain App Developer can install this library with a simple command.

2. V SYSTEMS-Based Projects

Tachyon Protocol

The alpha version of Tachyon VPN for MacOS is launched. Congratulations to the Tachyon team on reaching your development goals successfully on your roadmap. Please click here to download the alpha version of Tachyon VPN and tell us your feedback!


Home.io is all set for its launch in 2020. The team is currently discussing coin listing with leading global exchanges, and working on its potential revenue model and business partnerships.


The design of WalkBank has been completed, and the team is currently working on its technical advancement and optimization. The xCurrency team and VSYS US team are jointly developing the official website and mobile apps for WalkBank.


We are excited to announce the first decentralized insurance project to be built on V SYSTEMS — BitHelp. By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, BitHelp is able to build various solutions for the insurance industry by making it more efficient, reliable and transparent for customers. BitHelp has completed the initial framework design and is currently under R&D. It is expected to be released in the first half of 2020.

3. Global Community

Step By Step Guide of IPX Staking 2.0

Following the listing of IPX token on Bithumb. Tachyon and V SYSTEMS are thrilled to announce the launch of Staking 2.0. The Tachyon team has created a step-by-step guideline for users who want to participate in Staking 2.0. Please click through to learn more.

V SYSTEMS Forum AMA Winners Announcement

The Community AMA hosted on V SYSTEMS Forum has come to an end and 5 winners have been selected. To extend our gratitude and appreciation, we decided to reward everyone who participated in the AMA with 100 VSYS. Our Community Manager will reach out to you on the forum to follow up on the reward distribution arrangement. Congratulations to everyone! We look forward to providing more regular AMA opportunities in the future, and we encourage you to keep asking! Please click through to learn more.

V SYSTEMS is Now Available on Floyx!

V SYSTEMS is now available on Floyx, an independent social media platform designed for blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. Follow us on Floyx now and start interacting with the greater crypto community. Please join us now!

Supernode Proof of Stake is Featured on Hackernoon

An article named “What is Supernode Proof of Stake And How It is Better Than Proof of Stake” has been selected and featured on Hackernoon. Supernode Proof of Stake can address three critical aspects of blockchain technology — scalability, security and decentralization. Please click through to learn more.

Happy Holidays to the VSYS Community!

As 2019 comes to an end, the VSYS team wishes our community members a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. It has been a great year with every one of you and thank you for being an important part of our journey. More exciting news will be announced in 2020, please stay tuned!

4. Supernode

All supernodes on V SYSTEMS now support Staking 2.0 — all users are now able to receive a double reward of VSYS + IPX simply by leasing your VSYS coins to any of the supernodes. Please visit our V SYSTEMS Forum — Supernode Discussion if you wish to study the rewarding schemes offered by different supernodes.

5. New Hires of V SYSTEMS

Today we are excited to introduce two new hires of V SYSTEMS. Eunice Chan, former EOS Community Manager at Block.one and David Jefferys, ex-Business Development at Steemit have officially joined the VSYS team as Community Director and Business Development Director, to help V SYSTEMS expand its community and facilitate partnerships globally.

Eunice and David’s extensive knowledge and network in the blockchain space will help create new connections and opportunities for the strategic development of VSYS ecosystem. Welcome aboard our team!

6. Market Overview

Market Cap

VSYS is now ranked at #64 on CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of over US$60 million.

Screenshot from CoinMarketCap on 27 Dec 2019

Staking Rewards

This week, VSYS has gained an overall StakingRewards Score of 64.73% on stakingrewards.com. V SYSTEMS promises to maintain a healthy staking environment for all token users. With VSYS coins, you can easily enjoy the rewards from staking with just a few clicks. Take action now!

Screenshot from stakingrewards.com on 27 Dec 2019

Stay Connected

Remember to follow us on the platforms below to stay up-to-date with our latest updates and announcements.

V SYSTEMS Forum: https://forum.v.systems/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSYSCoin
YouTube: shorturl.at/mxX09
Github: https://github.com/virtualeconomy/v-systems

Other Useful Links

VSYS Official Website: https://www.v.systems
Supernode Ranklist: https://vsysrate.com/
VSYS Blockchain Explorer: https://explorer.v.systems




V Systems is a general purpose blockchain database for decentralized applications. Led by Sunny King, the inventor of PoS, we aim to deliver scalable and durable decentralized database cloud technology with high finality, performance and the highest resistance to 51% attacks.

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