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Weekly Report 2019 July #2

In this weekly report (2nd Week of July 2019): Black Diamond has officially become one of the supernodes, and VSYS is now available on BiUP Exchange. Please read the full report below.

  1. VSYS Blockchain Development

Mainchain development

Some new exciting features of the smart contract is currently in the design process. The new features will enable more possibilities for smart contract applications. Smart contracts themselves are designed so that users can store code on the blockchain that can be executed upon some predefined condition.

While tests for smart contracts are still being carried out on the test chain, SDK development for main chain is continuing, the Java and Go version is ready to use, while the Javascript and C# version is currently in progress.

Wallet development

Ledger wallet support is being reviewed and the Trezor wallet has begun development. VSYS coin holders will soon be able to store their coins on both secure hardware wallets.

Wallet support for advanced token feature is finalising, integration into the main chain will be ready for smart contract release.

Other development

Token features are being put through extensive testing on the tesnet, ensuring their security and efficiency.

Node monitor client is currently under review, small changes are being made to improve the speed of functionalities.

Test & debug

Different kinds of smart contract implementations being tested extensively in the testnet. New smart contract features are being constructed.

Testnet explorer added faucet feature. If users wants to test the VSYS blockchain but lack sufficient VSYS coins for transactions, this feature allows users get VSYS coins by themselves.

2. Global Community

Seoul, Korea

Our Korean community is growing rapidly! You can now check the latest price of VSYS Coin at the Decentre Blockchain Caffe, the first blockchain cafe in the heart of Gangnam.

Trading board at Decentre Blockchain Caffe

Pink Care Token Campaign

V SYSTEMS has partnered with Binance Charity, the blockchain-enabled donation platform of Binance, to introduce Pink Care Token (PCAT). In a week time, we received 116 donations totalling US$220 crypto donations. Please join us and fight period poverty together!

Twitter post from CZ, CEO of Binance

3. Supernode

Black Diamond has officially become one of the supernodes on the VSYS mainnet. Remember to stay up-to-date with the latest supernode status and lease your VSYS Coins to earn your minting rewards. Find out more here.

4. Market Overview

Exchange Updates

VSYS is now available on BiUP Exchange, and more updates on the deposit campaign will be announced soon. Read here for more details.

Market Cap

This week, VSYS has already climbed to 34th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of US$326 million.

Screenshot from CoinMarketCap on 12 Jul

Staking Rewards

This week, VSYS was ranked 8th on stakingrewards.com according to its digital asset staking rewards and dividends. With VSYS coins, you can easily enjoy the rewards from staking with just a few clicks. Take action now!

Screenshot from stakingrewards.com on 12 Jul

Stay Connected

Follow us on Twitter, Medium and YouTube to stay up-to-date with our latest announcements. Join our official VSYS Telegram group, Reddit and bitcointalk to participate in discussions with the VSYS team and our community. If you are a developer, you can also connect with our developers around the world in the VSYS GitHub Community.

Other Useful Links

VSYS Official Website: https://www.v.systems

Supernode Ranklist: https://vsysrate.com/

VSYS Blockchain Explorer: https://explorer.v.systems/

2019年7月第2週 週報 (中文文字版)

1. VSYS 區塊鏈開發進展





Ledger錢包正於代碼審核階段,Trezor錢包對接開發已經展。 VSYS幣的持幣者今後將能把自己的幣存在這兩個更安全的硬件錢包內。








2. 全球社區動態


我們的韓國社區現正迅速發展!您現在可以在位於江南核心地段的首個區塊鏈咖啡廳 -Decentre Blockchain Caffe查看VSYS 幣的最新動向。

Pink Care Token慈善計劃

V SYSTEMS與由幣安發起的幣安慈善基金共同發行一個名為Pink Care Token(PCAT)的代幣慈善計劃,於短短一星期內便成功獲得116筆捐款,加密貨幣總值約22萬美元。請不要猶疑,盡快加入我們,為解決「月經貧窮」的問題出一分力!


Black Diamond已正式成為VSYS的超級節點之一。請密切留意最新的超級節點動態,好好利用VSYS幣獲得更多回報。請按此了解更多



VSYS正式於BiUP Exchange上線,一連串的優惠活動將盡快公佈。請閱讀此處了解更多詳情






請關注我們的社交平台Twitter, Medium YouTube,以獲取最新的資訊。另外,您亦可以加入我們的 VSYS Telegram 群組, Reddit bitcointalk,參與我們的團隊和社區討論。如果閣下是開發技術人員,歡迎加入VSYS GitHub 社區,與VSYS世界各地的開發人員聯繫。


VSYS 官方網站: https://www.v.systems

超級節點排名: https://vsysrate.com/

VSYS鏈瀏覽器: https://explorer.v.systems/



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