HTC Vive is Investing in Eye Tracking, Social Connection, and Wireless VR

“It’s always wonderful to see the amazing innovation presented to the venture capital industry at the VRVCA events every two months. This time it’s a special treat to have these three Vive X companies come in and debut the breakthrough tech they have created which are helping solve major industry roadblocks.”
– Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC and President of VRVCA

The Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA), founded by HTC Corporation (HTC), the pioneer in innovative smart and VR technologies, successfully held its fourth closed-door members meeting in San Francisco with top VR/AR start-ups from around the world.

In total, 10 teams from 5 different regions showcased their achievements, which covered technology, software, hardware, and beyond.

With support from HTC VIVE™ and its $100 million accelerator program Vive X, startups including 7invensun, ObEN and TPCast have been able to make significant progress alleviating some of the most pressing challenges facing the industry today, such as interactive eye-tracking, intuitive social connection, and seamless high-quality wireless experience.

7invensun (, a Vive X batch II team based in Beijing, is the first company to bring real-time eye tracking technology to all existing Vive systems in the form of an upgrade kit known as aGlass, enabling foveated rendering and real-time eye control interactions, lowering the hardware requirements for VR applications, and creating a more natural VR human-computer interaction.

The aGlass DK II will start limited pre-order sales next month at the price of RMB 1,500 (approx. USD $219) (binocular version). Each set of aGlass DK II comes with a pair of 200°, 400° and 600° myopic lenses respectively and also supports customized lenses depending on consumers’ need.

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