Derick Sozo
May 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Did you get a chance to watch the lightning talks from VueConf.US yet? These talks pack tons of value in a small amount of time.

We’ve congregated the best ones we don’t want you to miss that will teach you something new as a Vue.js developer.

1) Top 5 Must-Have UI Animation Patterns

All of us developers work with screens every day, so our brains know how to make sense of sudden changes in a UI. But, not so much for senior or younger users who might not be used to changes in a screen that don’t look like something that would present itself in nature.

Animation is a necessary part of your user experience. In this lightning talk, Rachel Nabors goes over the psychology of why animations are so important when using screens, and covers 5 different patterns you can implement in your application for a more balanced user experience.

Watch it here.

2) Code Splitting Patterns with Vue

Did you know that it takes most websites 14 seconds to load? 50% of your visitors are gone by then. Code splitting can help you solve that problem. Code splitting is the process of splitting pieces of your code into asynchronous chunks at build time.

In this lightning talk, Sean Larkin, program manager at Microsoft, runs through how Code Splitting is a first class citizen in the Vue ecosystem and the one-line change you can make to split your code and make your components asynchronous.

Watch it here.

3) Quick Publishing of Redistributable Single File Components on NPM

The Vue docs show you how to easily write and use components, but what about sharing components? In this talk, Mike Dodge covers how you can easily publish the components that you create into NPM.

Click here to quickly access the template files that Mike Dodge uses to create the necessary build files.

Watch it here.

4) Reactivity — Learning by Accident

One of Vue’s most distinct features is its reactivity system. Models are just plain JavaScript objects. It makes state management simple and intuitive, but there are also some common gotchas that can trip you up.

If you find yourself doing any of the following in your application then this talk will help ensure you’re not running into issues.

  • Adding and removing properties
  • Modifying array indices
  • Relying on immediate DOM updates

In this talk, Jeff covers the above 3 gotchas of Vue’s reactivity system and what you can do to get around them.

Watch it here.

5) Beyond HTML with Vue

Did you know that Vue can render to other contexts besides just HTML? In this talk, core Vue.js team member Eduardo goes through various non-HTML examples to show the power and flexibility of Vue’s rendering capabilities.

Eduardo shows you how can use Vue to declaratively render animated Springs, Web Sound, WebGL, and even Promises.

Watch it here.

Want to watch all of the lightning talks?

Check them all out at Vue Mastery here.

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Vue Mastery

The ultimate learning resource for Vue.js Developers

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