Gregg Pollack
Feb 15 · 2 min read

This morning on the big stage at Vue Amsterdam I announced that all courses on Vue Mastery will be completely free during our Free Weekend (Feb 22–24). To reserve your spot for free learning, just enroll over on Vue Mastery.

If you’re starting to learn Vue.js or you’re ready to dive into the intermediate and advanced topics we cover, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn from (what I think is) the best Vue content out there. Our courses will be unlocked from Friday, Feb 22 at 12 PM ET until Sunday, Feb 24, 11:59 PM ET.

If you haven’t been to recently, here’s a list of the courses you can watch for free next weekend:

Intro to Vue.jsIf you’re just getting started with Vue, here’s where to get started. We cover all the basics and give you challenges so you can learn by doing.

Real World Vue.jsPast the basics, we’ll show you more real-world techniques that are needed to ship Vue applications. Topics include Vue CLI, Vue Router, Single File Components, and API calls.

Mastering VuexLearn how to handle state in a production-level application with Vuex, Vue’s own state management pattern and library.

Next-Level VueLearn more advanced real-world practices on routing, component loading, code reuse, forms and validation.

Advanced Components Discover the full functionality of Vue components with Gregg Pollack & Evan You, the creator of Vue.

Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js Once you are comfortable with Vue, learning a framework like Nuxt.js allows you to create production-ready web apps which follow best practices. ← New lessons are being published weekly.

Why learn with us?

If you’re not yet familiar with Vue Mastery content, you’ll notice we take the time to carefully explain concepts visually, animating confusing concepts to make them crystal clear. For example, here’s an animation from our Vuex course:

You’ll find this level of quality content throughout our library of courses. So if you’re excited to start learning with us, we invite you to join us for Free Weekend.

Reserve your spot now

To take part in this opportunity, you’ll want to reserve your spot since there are a limited number of spots available.

Vue Mastery

The ultimate learning resource for Vue.js Developers

Gregg Pollack

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Vue Mastery

The ultimate learning resource for Vue.js Developers

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