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The Future of Vue.js in 5 Minutes

At VueConf.US 2018 I interviewed the speakers (many of which are on the Vue core team) and asked them what they are most excited about in the next year in Vue.js.

I’ve summarized the responses below with links to what they mentioned. If you want to see these speaker’s conference talks they are over on

Evan You — The 3.0 release of the Vue CLI and the 2.x-Next branch using the proxy system for reactivity that gets rid of all the caveats that currently exist, and improve loading performance.

Divya Sasidharan — The Vue cookbook because it allows other people to contribute what they’re doing with Vue and how they’re using it.

Peter Finn — 1.0 release of Vuetify. Great for implementing material design, and now Vue has a mature full production framework for this.

Sarah Drasner — The cookbook and interactive examples in the documentation. SVG animations that explain Vue internals in a more universal way.

Jacob Schatz — Tools for Vue.js that make the process faster to build.

John Lindquist — Vue.js has stayed so stable with the same API over time. Evan nailed it, and I hope that other frameworks adopt Even’s View (pun intended) for the future.

Jen Looper Vue Vixens, an organization dedicated to getting people who identify as women interested in Vue. Doing free workshops and going to as many conferences as possible.

Edd Yerburgh1.0 release of Vue Test Utils which will make testing easier for everyone who uses Vue.

Blake NewmanProxy support and experimentation with future technologies. Also excited about the potential to rewrite Vue with TypeScript, and improve support.

Rachel Nabors — Can’t wait to see how many designers get into web development because of Vue. It’s the perfect launching point for someone who loves to create visually and wants to see their designs come to life.

Chris Fritz — Improvements that we can make to documentation. For example, the components compensation page I’ve been working on, hopefully released within the next month. Also doing a rewrite of the Vue Router and Vuex documentation.

Sébastien ChopinNuxt 2.0 which brings hot module replacement on the server side, and CMTY, which gives open source projects a place where people can collaborate, up vote, and share their knowledge.

Miriam Suzanne — Vue integration built into Herman, our design system generator, and learning more Vue myself.

Eduardo San Martin Morote — Excited for more people from the Vue core team and associated projects to spend more time contributing and less time consulting. It feels like there is a lot of potential to build something that helps everyone build great products.

Daniel Rosenwasser — The level of tooling we can provide for TypeScript and JavaScript users by having the Vue community work with the TypeScript community.

Full Talk Videos

These speakers put a lot of work into their VueConf talks, and I can’t wait for you to see them. They are now posted at Vue Mastery.

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