The Ultimate Nuxt.js Cheat Sheet 📄

When I learn a new framework I end up looking up syntax constantly. That’s why today we’re releasing the Nuxt.js Essentials Cheat Sheet free, in the same style as our the Vue.js Essentials Cheat Sheet.

Download the Nuxt.js Cheat Sheet Free

The Nuxt cheat sheet itself has been proofed by Sébastien Chopin, one of the creators of Nuxt.js, to ensure its accuracy and compatibility with Nuxt 2, which was released at Vue London a few weeks ago.

I like to think of Nuxt.js as a framework that allows you to write production-ready Vue apps using best practices. One thing I love about Vue is its flexibility, how it can be used in so many different ways. However, this also means that building a big application requires a bunch of configuration and setup. This is what Nuxt.js is for. It’s no wonder it’s #4 on the list of fastest-growing open source projects according to Github.

This is why I just started working on a Nuxt.js course here at Vue Mastery with Derick Sozo. The course should be out in the next few months, covering everything you need to know to ensure you’re using all the awesome features baked into Nuxt.js.

If you want to be notified when the course is released you can just download the cheat sheet, or hit the notify button on our courses page.

“But I want the Nuxt course now,” I hear you thinking.

Well, the course is going to assume you are up-to-speed on both Vue, Vue Routing, Vuex, and all the fundamentals. If you’re not yet solid on these topics I highly recommend considering a subscription to Vue Mastery. At the moment we have 3 courses that amount to 4.5 hours of video content.

Intro to Vue — 1 hour — A basic course to get you started

Real World Vue — 2.5 hours — Beyond the basics, we build a Real World Vue app together from the ground up starting with Vue CLI 3 and advancing through Vuex.

Advanced Components — 1 hour — An advanced course to discover the full functionality of Vue, with commentary by Evan You, the creator of Vue.

The badges associated with the courses

Plus I think we’re the only Vue learning resource releasing content weekly. Check our courses page for the upcoming lessons.

What makes our content unique is our attention to visual explanations, instructional design, and clarity. Take it from Micheal who recently tweeted at us:

Maybe Consider an Annual Subscription?

Get access to our Nuxt course as it gets released by purchasing an annual subscription. To sweeten the deal, for a limited time if you use the coupon code “NUXTCHEAT25” you can get 25% off an annual subscription.

Thanks for reading.