Vue.js Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

As the Vue community blossoms, new grassroots Vue.js conferences are popping up all over the world. There’s nothing that beats the excitement and community of a conference centered on an emerging technology, so here is a list of 7 conferences with prices and links.

🇧🇷 Vue.js Summit— São Paulo, Brazil — September 1 (Aug 31 workshops)

🎟 R $260 Ticket, R $160–270 for a Workshop

The largest Vue.js conference in Latin America taking place shortly down in São Paulo. It’s great to see the Brazillian Vue.js community coming together.

🇬🇧 Vue.JS London — September 21 (20th workshops)

🎟 £299.00 Ticket, £299.00 for a Workshop

The very first Vue.js London conference is heroicly being organized by Blake Newman and has an amazing lineup. They also have an Advice Lounge where you can ask questions and initiate discussions with other attendees, experts, and speakers.

🇺🇸 Connect.Tech — Atlanta, Georgia— October 18–19 (17th workshops)

🎟 $395.00 USD Ticket, $350 for a Workshop

Although it’s not a Vue only conference, this conference has a two-day Vue.js track with some big names. It’s being produced by the same folks that brought you VueConf.US, so I’m confident it will be of high quality.

🗼Vue Fes Japan —Tokyo — November 3

The first Vue conference in Japan is being organized by Kazuya Kawaguchi, a Vue.js core team member. Tickets aren’t available yet, but they have a have few great speakers listed and you can sign up to get notified about the event.

🇨🇦 VueConf Toronto— November 15–16 (14th workshops)

🎟 CA$799.02 Ticket, CA$499.01 for a Workshop

The first ever Vue conference in Canada, produced by Jilson Thomas (from VueJobs) & Albin K Johny. Taking place in the heart of Toronto at the Fairmont Royal York, and features both lightning talks and community project talks.

🇳🇱 VueJS Amsterdam— February 14-15

🎟 €399.00 Ticket

For the second year, Vuejs Amsterdam takes over the beautiful Amsterdam theatre (with that gigantic screen). The day before this two-day conference is the one-day Frontend Love Conference, February 13th.

🇺🇸 VueConf US — Tampa, Florida — March 26–27 (25th workshops)

🎟 $695.00 USD Ticket, $600 for a Workshop

The official Vue.js conference in the USA moves to Tampa, Florida this year at the beautiful Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Tampa has wonderful weather in March, and the Call for Speakers for this conference just opened!

📽Looking for Conference Videos?

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Adam Jahr and I will be at many of these conferences, so please do say hello 👋 if you see us wandering the halls. 😄