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Here’s Every Amazon Alexa Project at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon This Year

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco is just wrapping up, but the whole event kicked off this past weekend the way it always does with the Disrupt Hackathon. Much like the Disrupt NYC Hackathon this past spring, Amazon Alexa made its way into a bunch of the projects. While NYC had 16 entries related to Alexa, this latest round was made up of just 9 projects.

As I did for the NYC event a few months ago, I reviewed all of the hackathon demos and put together a list of those that used Alexa. Here is a quick summary of each project, along with a link to a video of their demo.

All Alexa Hackathon Projects from TC Disrupt San Francisco 2016

Mr. Robot — using Alexa, this team mimicked an IRC chat that appears in a recent episode of the show Mr. Robot.

Alexarm — a robotic arm controlled by voice using Alexa.

Alfred My Butler — this Alexa-enabled personal butler uses image recognition to identify specific user.

Bring Me Joy — an article recommendation service using Alexa that aims to alleviate the stress of being a startup founder.

Stenographer — send text messages using your voice

Jukebox — let’s anyone stream short audio clips on Amazon Alexa — uses Alexa to arrange impromptu video meetings
Featured on TechCrunch

Incognitech — voice-based sentiment analysis of TechCrunch articles

MEZE — voice-based task list manager for the home.

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