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Introducing Voicegram by Sayspring

Record and share conversations with Amazon Alexa.

In the world of visual design, there are countless ways to share our work with others. To showcase a static interface, we can use screenshots. To illustrate an interaction, we can make an animated GIF. And when we need people to actually experience a concept, we can create an interactive prototype with tools like InVision or Marvel.

For voice interface design however, an entirely new set of options are needed.

Sharing Your Work With Others

Since we first launched our design and prototyping platform, Sayspring has given creators the ability to share an interactive prototype of their voice interface, letting others speak to it even before it’s been coded. This is invaluable for getting feedback and doing user testing.

Over time, we’ve come to learn an important lesson about how collaboration on a voice interface design differs from visual interface design.

Interactive voice prototypes need to be high-fidelity to share with others.

A crucial part of the voice design process is making sure users know what to do next, and that the app is aware of different ways of saying the same thing (called Utterances). In the early stages of a project, a designer typically hasn’t done enough of this work to feel confident a user will have a productive experience when they speak to the prototype.

So when a prototype needs to be shared, creators are usually making a demo video. This is typically done by shooting a shaky video on a phone while talking to an Echo device. This video needs to be uploaded somewhere, then sent around to others. If you’re a professional designer or developer, this low-quality approach isn’t ideal.

This process needed to be streamlined, so we created Voicegram.

The Easiest Way to Share Alexa Conversations

Voicegram allows you to talk to Amazon Alexa directly in a web browser, no smart speaker needed. At any point you can click “Start Recording” to capture the back and forth between you and Alexa. When you’re done, click “End Recording” and add a title if you’d like. Moments later, we’ll email you a Voicegram of the conversation.

For example, here’s a Voicegram of a banking app prototype on Sayspring:

And here is a demo of Tide’s Stain Remover Alexa Skill:

Share and Showcase Alexa Moments

Voicegram makes Alexa conversations shareable and portable around the web. You can post them to social media, embed them in a blog post, or include them on a portfolio page.

Any Alexa interaction can be captured in a Voicegram, whether it’s an early design prototype, a project in development, a launched Skill, or just random Alexa responses and easter eggs.

Voice interfaces are changing how we interact with digital products, and now Voicegrams will change the way we can share those interactions.

Design, prototype, and share interactive voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, with no coding required. Get started for free at



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