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Vulnerable Man

You Have Your Birthday, I Have Mine — And It’s Today

32 things I learned/thought of in 32 years.

Attention whore. Succession S3.
Today, that’s me. I’m the whore. Photo: HBO Max

I know how obnoxious those people are who arrogantly draw attention to their own birthdays. I don’t like them. So forgive me, but now I’m going to do whatever I want because today is my day. I have a pass. It says: “Screw everyone and do whatever you like.




Saving the world through pop culture and overthinking.

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Akos Peterbencze

Freelance Grinder. Regular contributor on Looper. Bylines: Paste Mag, Humungus, and more. You can find me tweeting about pop culture at 2 AM (@ilovemoviesmor1)

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