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3 min readJun 9, 2021


Like so many that have been frustratingly impacted by the COVID in-person gathering restrictions, the UT Austin Longhorn Racing team was looking for a way to virtually engage their audiences for the unveiling of their 40th anniversary line of racing vehicles. Their solar, electric and combustion teams had been hard at work on their new designs and they wanted to do something special to reach as many of their sponsors, supporters, alum and even their competitors. Their team’s president reached out to Vusar to understand how they could leverage mobile augmented reality (AR) to easily share their designs with their audiences. They came to the right place as this is exactly what Vusar was built to do.

After working together on finishing touches to their vehicles’ appearance with our CAD engineers at Vusar, they were ready to share them out in several ways.

UT Austin Longhorn Racing vehicles (Left to Right: Electric, Solar, Combustion)

Direct Messaging

The quickest way to get your design assets disseminated is through the Vusar share link. These links can be dropped into a text message, a Slack channel, an email, a WhatsApp message, or any other direct messaging services that are accessed by one’s mobile device.

Simply click the share icon from the app (fig. 1), or from the Vusar web dashboard (fig. 2), to copy and share your AR design link with whomever you prefer.

QR Code

By copying a Vusar share link and embedding it into a QR code, you can give your audience the added benefit of quickly viewing a design asset by scanning the code using the mobile device’s camera. Sites like [] will enable you to generate a free QR code that you can embed your Vusar design share link to. Whether posting these codes on a website or printing them out and displaying them at an exhibitor booth, you’ll be able to give people greater access to your product’s information than ever before.

To see how this works, scan any one of the following QR codes to view the Longhorn Racing team’s designs.

Social Media

Having built your following on any number of social platforms; what better place to share your design assets than with your loyal community? To share the file directly so that others may view your AR design model, it’s as simple as adding the Vusar share link or inserting a QR code to your media content.

To share pictures or video taken of your AR assets in various environments, you can use the photo feature by long-pressing the Vusar home button, or use your mobile’s native screen-grab or screen record functions. Post your mobile AR content and watch your engagement grow!

If you have any questions or would like to share your product or design with others using mobile AR, reach out and we’d be happy to serve you.



Aaron Anderson

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