Luxury homes on a virtual planet

Virtual reality offers us the opportunity to explore new worlds and to style our ideal ‘home away from home’. The virtual housing market is young but promising — the highest recorded virtual real estate sold at a cool $2.5 million USD!

Away from all the questing and exploring, users of VR might look to claim a space for themselves for entertaining guests and hanging out with friends. Virtual Universe accommodates this in style.

With housing options from luxurious villas to high rising penthouse apartments with balconies overlooking the city, the beautiful landscapes of VU have something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look.

A vast universe with prime real estate

As implied by the name, VU will be of universal scale, giving players the ability to hop between districts, continents, and planets in their adventures. This is, of course, an ongoing process. We want to ensure the environment we’ve provided matches the needs of its users.

To avoid either scaling down the world to ‘cram it all in’ or building a needlessly vast world with little to no life — we are working from the ground up, starting with District 1 in the city of Uruk, located on planet Raetis.

District 1, Uruk city

District 1 spans a sizable portion of the capital city Uruk, housing several zones, two of which are residential. Within these zones are a few types of luxury apartments, fully customizable to suit the users’ needs and preferences.

These apartments are akin to the most prestigious hotels and luxury accommodations in the real world and have a limited availability — first come, first served. Players will have to barter and trade amongst themselves for the key to a particular apartment, represented as a non fungible ERC-721 token.

Genesis Towers

Towering above the surrounding landscape and overlooking a beautiful river, Genesis Towers house two types of apartments and will be available for immediate occupancy by the first inhabitants of Uruk.

Genesis Towers

Offering amazing views from massive unobstructed windows, these luxury apartments are the perfect place to entertain friends and take a break from a hard day of adventuring.

Being as modular as possible, owners of these contemporary pads will be able to customize and decorate their virtual homes to suit them and their needs. Maybe you aren’t quite happy with the furniture, layout, want to install a huge tv screen or try a new splash of color — we are afforded this luxury in VR. It’s as simple as making a few gestures with our in-game creation tools, selecting something chic that takes your fancy.

Genesis Tower apartment

While there are a thousand apartments in Genesis Towers, there are a very limited number of penthouses sitting on the very top floors. Each penthouse boasts large floor plans and balconies overlooking Uruk. These are real, tangible and unique properties. Whoever owns the key can customize that property to their heart’s desire, and make use of it however they choose.

Whether you want a private spot for winding down or you’re planning to live out a life as a VR party animal, these are the ultimate habitats to enjoy the immersive VR experience that is Virtual Universe.

Oh, did we mention the penthouses have hot tubs?

Genesis Tower penthouse

Stoneface Hill

Reserved for VU high rollers, the Stoneface Hill premium villas are situated across the river from Genesis Towers and the commercial district. Development is still underway, so it’s a bit too early to share pictures. But rest assured, they are spacious, classy and elegant.

Customizable to the owner’s preference, these villas also have very limited availability and we expect them to be snapped up by the most dedicated VU participants. Again, these properties are completely transferrable by sale or trade upon VUs launch, even exchangeable on traditional crypto exchanges due to the tokenization of unique apartment keys.

To be eligible for a Stoneface Hill Villa, players need to either:

  • Purchase 400 thousand minimum VU Tokens OR
  • Be bounty program members who have accumulated over 400 thousand VU tokens

That’s all I have to share for now. But if you want to get in on VU early, registration is open for our upcoming Beta.

Have any questions about VU’s luxury living? Join our Telegram and Discord and speak to myself and the VU team directly.

Until next time!