VU Current Progress and Roadmap

With our upcoming BETA Registration, we would like to take the opportunity to update the community on our Roadmap over the next year — leading to the launch of our public beta in January 2019.

The VU Token Pre-Sale will be live until July 31, 2018. The price is 1 ETH per 6000 VU Tokens and 150,000,000 tokens are available for purchase during the presale. Those who participate will receive in-game bonus exclusives as well as early access to VU in the private BETA.

July 2018 — Sneak Peek Demo Build and Private BETA Launch

Having deployed on necessary frameworks and phase portals to sustain the VU platform, we will provide the community with a sneak peek of the demo build of user avatars as well as the most important elements in Uruk.

Phase 2 begins with a focus on the private beta launch. Early purchasers of the VU Token will be the first to join the beta version of the VU platform before it’s released to the general public. Additionally, individuals who purchase tokens during the pre-sale will receive exclusive bonuses.

Users will have the opportunity to provide feedback, report bugs and provide suggestions on how to improve the final version set for release in 2019.

August 2018 — VU Token Sale

The VU Token General Sale will start at 12 AM UTC on August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018 or until the cap is reached. The total supply is 1 billion VU Tokens. All unsold tokens until the end of the General Sale will be burned. All VU Tokens purchased at either the pre-sale or general sale will be locked until October 1, 2018. After this date, tokens are transferable.

September 2018 — Uruk Block Auction

The Uruk Block auction is the first scheduled auction of unique digital assets within VU. These assets will include plots of virtual land with which players can build their own permanent structures and habitats. The auctions can only be participated in via VU Tokens, available at either the pre-sale or general token sale phases.

October 2018 — VU Token Unlock Date and In-Game Wallet

Before this date, everything will have been deployed on Testnet. After Oct 1st, tokens will be transferable thus facilitating the ability for VU Tokens to be listed and traded on crypto exchanges globally. In November, further auctions will take place that represents higher functioning and core digital assets.

The VU blockchain will also allow for the secure and transparent ownership of assets within the world. Blockchain will provide users with an “inventory wallet” to store their own immutable record of ownership, transfer and agreement as they purchase, modify and sell/trade goods within the virtual world.

December 2018 — City 1, District 1 Opens its doors

To create a gaming platform that is compelling, rewarding and fun, we must create a multitude of opportunities for the participants. Player-owned land deserves to be among them, but with a different implementation than those in the current VR landscape. The VU platform aims to be much more than just an attractive VR chat room with simulated real estate.

As such, the mechanics of land ownership serve as a supporting feature to enhance the level of community and involvement a user can experience within VU. The customization of these plots is done entirely in-world with no loss in player continuity and with no barrier to entry such as requiring knowledge of scripting or design.

Jan 2019 — Public BETA Launch

Taking feedback and lessons learned from early access and private beta testing, we will open the VU BETA to the public — marking a significant milestone in the mission that we at Ukledo began in 2013, to create a supremely fun, engaging and immersive gaming experience.


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