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Sarita (Vuuple Comics)

La Rompecorazones Inteligente (The Intelligent Heartbreaker)

Vuuple Comics First Female Character

Sarita is Vuuple Comics first female comic character. She is apart of the Pablito-Spanish series. Her personality is shy, but she is incredibly intelligent. Pablito is in love with Sarita and his sole intentions are to make her fall in love with him. She, however, makes him work extraordinarily hard to gain her trust and her heart. Sarita is a comical representation of a special girl that I have met in my life.

Pablito-Sarita Lab Comic




Vuuple Comics is a multi-cultural comedic brand with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face…even if you cannot understand the language.

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Philemon Viennas

Philemon Viennas

Co-Founder of Phuble (social media platform for investors), Founder of Vuuple (blockchain-based cloud storage application), Mobile game developer (Vuuple Games)

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