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Vuuple Comics

Culturally Diverse Comics

I created Vuuple Comics as an off-shoot brand to my blockchain company, Vuuple. In the past recent months, I had to pause the blockchain project due to increasing financial costs. I found developing these comics as a therapeutic relief to my every day life. These comics have a direct correlation to the events occurred and people within my life. I will eventually create French, Russian, Greek, Arabic, and Italian versions of these comics. However, right now I am focusing on Spanish and English. I hope you enjoy and have a smile…even if you cannot understand the language :).




Vuuple Comics is a multi-cultural comedic brand with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face…even if you cannot understand the language.

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Philemon Viennas

Philemon Viennas

Co-Founder of Phuble (social media platform for investors), Founder of Vuuple (blockchain-based cloud storage application), Mobile game developer (Vuuple Games)

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