Social Video is the Future of Broadcast Media

Watching television isn’t just watching television anymore —Viewers are usually on their smartphones scrolling through social media while they watch TV. According to Nielsen, 1 in 7 people who watched the Olympics opening ceremony was online at the same time. This data suggests that interactivity on live television broadcasts is important. People want to be connected. They want to share their thoughts an opinions about the subjects they see on TV to their friends and followers on social media. When you go on Facebook or Twitter and view the trending topics, people are sharing their insights and conversations begin.

To keep up with the live streaming social platforms, traditional media must make TV more interactive. With Vydeo, TV Networks have the ability to bring users into their shows and interact with them face-to-face, making the living room more engaging and social. Our SDK allows viewers to consume content and participate in conversations. Additionally TV Networks can gather crowdsourced live streams from viewers to display on live TV. Using live video is raw and authentic, which will make TV Shows more unique and interesting to watch.

Television has remained the same for years. Social video will give TV a more participatory experience. With social video, viewers evolve to contributors and become reporters themselves.