7 Top Recruiting Trends for 2019

Sudev Das
Sudev Das in Vyre
Dec 21, 2018 · 4 min read

As 2018 draws to a close, its been an interesting year for hiring. The use of Technology in hiring is growing aggressively and “Discovering Good Talent” or “Discovering a Great job” are becoming interesting problems to solve.

The 2019 hiring outlook in India is looking even stronger. As per the recent India Skills Report 2019–64% of the businesses surveyed have a positive outlook on hiring, which is a great sign of things to come. With growth companies such as Byjus, Oyo, Ola, Toppr, Swiggy, Zomato (In no particular order) and others getting funding for growth the implications for Hiring are exciting and interesting. Speaking to our customers at Vyre, Talent Acquisition leaders, business leaders and our research we believe these are going to be the Top trends for 2019:

1. Hiring for Potential, and Not Necessarily Skill Companies will likely need to work even harder to locate qualified candidates for skilled positions. Organisations will respond with new and aggressive hiring strategies. However, hiring for the ability to learn, agility and adaptability would be the 3 key assessment factors which would determine your success in hiring and managing Talent.

2. Employer Branding As the shortage of Talent increases in 2019 Employer Branding will start becoming a differentiator. It will be imperative for employers to be present on all mediums and come up with creative ways of communicating their message getting across to their potential talent segment. Engaging and attracting Millennials will require different outreach strategies using online and offline media.

3. Video Becomes An Important Medium for Employers & Candidates Communicating your Employer Brand proposition with video can make a huge difference in how effectively your organization attracts and engages with candidates. Video Job Ads will help you to embed yourself in the candidate’s context. Video will help discover and attract talent quicker and transcend boundaries. Video will also be used in assessment aggressively. For a candidate it will probably be the first level of assessment.

4. Candidates Will Need To Showcase Their Talents Through Stories Today resumes are not cutting it when it comes to Hiring Managers being able to sense a candidate’s soft skills or personalities. We, as recruiters, like to sense and assess candidates through their stories. It could be in any medium — Video, text, social etc. But stories help us get the context to personalities, qualities and potential behaviours which helps us form our hiring decisions.

5. Recruitment Tech Adoption & Better Analytics Will Drive Better Outcomes In Asia-Pacific research conducted by AonHewitt only 16% of Indian organisation adopted a technology solution to enable better recruiting outcomes. We believe a lot of growth companies will embrace Technology to source, manage, process, assess and engage with candidates in a big way. With AI and Analytics assisted technology being adopted through the hiring value chain we

believe a lot of companies would drive for better-recruiting outcomes.

6. Employers Will Have To Embed Themselves In The Candidate’s Context To Get Attention Outbound sourcing will be key to the ability to attract candidates or reaching out to candidates. The key differentiator for your success in hiring would be whether you there on mediums and platforms that are relevant to the candidates such as Youtube, Social Media, Whatsapp besides the regular hiring platform. Its becoming really crowded out there so until you embed yourself in his context chances are that you are not reaching them.

7. There Is No Getting Away From AI — It Is Here To Stay AI adoption will go up in 2019 so will the use cases in recruiting. AI tech would become more evolved and will not just be used by the employers but by candidates too. AI would start moving up in the value chain with its use of finding or suggesting potential fits rather than as a tool to just screen candidates. While it is and will drive engagement with candidates in the form of chatbots, it will also start being used for sourcing relevant candidates as tech evolves.

So folks there you have it — the top 7 Recruiting Trends for 2019. Would love to hear from you.

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Vyre is a talent discovery platform that facilitates early discovery & engagement in the hiring process using video & intelligence

Sudev Das

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Sudev Das



Vyre is a talent discovery platform that facilitates early discovery & engagement in the hiring process using video & intelligence