The recipe for a better humanity — a permanent moon base

credit: project RegoLight, visualization: LIQUIFER Systems Group/

Question #1: How will the permanent presence of Humans in space on the mass scale change humanity?

Seeing the Earth from above, and having this grand view of our planet, leads to a really profound change in the way people behave

I think that’ll change the perspective of many humans.

credit: project URBAN, visualization: LIQUIFER Systems Group/

Question #2: What will be the business impact of the massive space exploration?

A Moonbase, where all life-support systems are fully closed can develop technologies which can be a game-changer for ecology and sustainability on Earth.

credit: project SHEE, photo: Bruno Stubenrauch /

Question #3: Education is the backbone of every development. How do we need to change our educational system in order to achieve this vision?

I think this will be a very important step towards being actually able to do these grand and highly complex space projects. And it will also connect the people.

Barbara Imhof during VytahConf. 2019 — Bratislava



For decades, access to space was limited just to governments. Thanks to dreamers, tinkerers, and few eccentric millionaires, the situation is changing. Be among the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are jumping on new space business bandwagon.

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