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The Complete Library of My Stories

So you don’t have to scroll to the abyss

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

I made a list of all the stories I wrote so that everyone can look through my work with ease.

Updated: 2021.01.10

Stories on Christianity

I mostly write faith-based articles.


Dear Pilgrim of Faith, Stop Beating Yourself Up Along the Way

Being Hard on Myself Was a Tyranny I Couldn’t Bear Anymore

The Biblical Principle I’ve Never Heard Before

The Type of Revenge God Encourages

God’s Bizzare Strategy for Getting Rich Always Blows My Mind

I’m No Longer Trusting My Faith

What Does “Spending Time With God” Mean?

An Effective Way To Exchange Worries About The Future For Lasting Peace

God Made a Selfie

The Truth That Makes Giving Unfailingly Successful

Prevent Your Faith From Being Useless

The Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

Is your Success God’s Desire?

How to Do a Biblical Word Study in the Original Language

Who Else Desires a Stable Faith?

What Is the (Hidden) Purpose of Sin?

How a Day of Fasting from Speaking Changed My Talking Habits

How a Sentence From God Grabbed Attention and Took Me on a Journey

How to Starve the Feeling of Lack

Why Unity of Christians Is Vital?

This Perspective Enables Love and Disarms Frustration

How to Go After the Best Desire?

Three Practical Perspectives to Help You Overcome Offense

God-Given Perspective on Problems Turned My Anxiety Into Joy

God’s Choices Don’t Make Sense

Relationship with God

Do We Deserve the Love Of God?

The Golden Thread of the New Testament Only Some Speak About

How to Hear God’s Voice Among So Many Others

Allowing God to Speak in Colors

You Have No Value Unless…

Intimacy Comes Through Focus

The King Who Conquers The Hearts

Don’t Over-Complicate the Relationship with God


2020: The Best Year I Had so Far

What’s It Like to Be a Missionary?

God Dictated a Recipe to Me

Other Faiths Completely Fail To Reach My Heart

Stranger’s Encouragement That Revealed God’s Wonderful Heart

Encounters Of Him Who Changes Everything

Sharing your faith

A Simple Way to Make You Unstoppable in Sharing Your Faith

How I Overcame the Difficulties and Won my First Victory

It’s Like Having an Earpiece of a Spy

Reaching the Right Person Unlocks his Sphere of Influence

3 Creative and Effective Tools to Help You in Presenting the Gospel

If you have a collection of the stories you wrote, I would love it if you could share the link in the comments!

It’s like looking through a box of long lost belongings or a shelf of old books. You never know what you will find!




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Vytautas Ratkevičius-Vytas

Life is worth living abundantly. And the abundance comes from one place. From the Author who gives me insight.