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14 Tips for Planning a Successful ICO

Source: https://icostats.com/roi-since-ico

1. Do some research on ICO due diligence

2. Answer the most important question of ICO planning…

3. First create your prototype, then launch your ICO

4. Set up a strong community team for 24/7 coverage

Source: http://icowhitelists.com/telegram-tracker-tokens-icos/
Source: http://icowhitelists.com/telegram-tracker-tokens-icos/

5. Understand and adhere to local rules and regulations

Source: https://ico.envion.org/

6. Get legal counsel and set up a proper Know Your Customer (KYC) process

Source: https://ico.bitcoinsuisse.ch/

7. Think about the values for your project

8. Set up a maximum individual cap for the first 24 hours of your ICO

9. Don’t change your token metrics halfway through your ICO

10. Determine your hard cap and communicate it clearly

11. Run a pre-sale with conservative bonuses

12. Allocate some of your budget to exchange listings

13. Draft and publish a comprehensive FAQ

14. Test your systems thoroughly before the ICO launch



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